100th Scania for Mera Trans from Waddinxveen

100th Scania for Mera Trans from Waddinxveen

Mera Trans from Waddinxveen recently picked up 100ste Scania is in use. That in itself is already a milestone. But Mera shines even more because this company has only been around for 16 years.

from 100ste The Scania is an all-purpose 450 hp three-axle air suspension tractor with a 7.5 tonne boost axle and a luxuriously designed S cab with a high roof. It is delivered in batches of three pieces. However, there are only one hundredth…

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100ste Scania

Vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants

Mera Trans specializes in the conditioned transport of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants through most of Europe. For example, the company took large groups to England, Scotland, Northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Mera transports a wide variety of goods from fresh fish to general cargo for customers who have cargo returning from these countries.

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The transport company is considered a modern, well-equipped company with 55 trucks under its own management and a number of permanent charters. It’s pushing 100 percent with Scanias in their own colors and the colors of their regular customers. One of the clear advantages is that Mera planning knows at all times, through modern tracking and tracing systems, where all the cars are and what their status and cargo are.


In keeping with the company’s tradition, the new Scanias are equipped with every possible comfort. Of course, this is largely ingrained in the luxurious space that the Scania S cabin offers with completely flat floors. The air suspension and long wheelbase ensure excellent handling. And things like premium seats, integrated parking air conditioning, microwave, inverter, and a decent coffee maker ensure that the driver is fully road-ready.

In the past, the company, like many peers in the industry, has sometimes driven V8 engines. But because of the good performance, low consumption and flexibility that Scania can achieve with its modern 450 hp six-cylinder, this policy has been abandoned in recent years.

The new vehicle is operating at Scania Waddinxveen under an R&D contract for optimal uptime.