veiligste vrachtwagenchauffeur van Nederland

The search for the safest truck drivers in the Netherlands has begun

NK Safest Driver 2022 officially starts today. Truckers can register for the competition starting today and get online right away. The final of the Dutch Safest Drivers Championship will take place on Saturday 1 October at the TT Circuit in Assen.

During the Dutch Safest Drivers Championship, truck drivers compete against each other. NK started online with knowledge questions and reaction tests. The top 50 drivers qualify for the semi-finals, where a maximum of one truck driver per transport company takes action. The semifinals will take place on Saturday 10 and 17 September at Hoogeveen and Beesd. The next 20 best truck drivers will compete for the title on Saturday 1 October at the TT Circuit in Assen by completing several challenging practice tests.

Last year, 582 people died in traffic in the Netherlands, according to CBS. 19,800 people will die on European roads in 2021. Research shows that human behavior plays a major role in more than 90 percent of accidents; that amount must and can be reduced. TVM Insurance has been committed to transportation safety for decades. One way to make a significant contribution to road safety is to raise awareness about the subject. This was done, among others, by holding the NK Safest Driver as part of the TVM Awards.

What are TVM Awards?

TVM Awards is the name of a social initiative to improve transportation and road safety from TVM insurance and a select group of partners involved. The partners are: Volvo Trucks Netherlands, Van Eijck, Continental, VVN (Safe Traffic Netherlands), STL (Sector Institute Transport and Logistics), EyeWish, ANWB, JobTrans and Bumper. The aim of the TVM Awards is to create more awareness – among all road users – for safe driving. In addition, TVM and partners want to make a positive contribution to the professional driving profession.

The TVM Awards consist of the following categories: NK Safest Driver, Knight, Safe Transport, CSR, Innovation and Sustainability.

Ambassador Hélène Hendriks

TV personality Hélène Hendriks has been an ambassador for the TVM Awards since its inception. He will be in attendance during the finals and will hand over the prizes on Saturday 1 October 2022. The winner of the NK Safest Driver will naturally win a TVM Award in addition to sporting honors. All of the top 10 will also get a visit to the Volvo factory, the Volvo Trucks demo center and the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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