The 125th DAF at Heebink is XG+

The 125th DAF at Heebink is XG+

Double celebration at J. Heebink Logistic Services in Veenendaal: recently 125ste DAF delivered and a first in the company’s new home style. This is a beautiful DAF XG+. Heelink has ordered a total of 15 of these top models. Delivery is in the ‘trusted’ hands of DAF dealer Bakker Bedrijfswagens BV, who has a long relationship with transport company Veenendaal.

“My father started this company on January 1, 1970,” says Cees Heebink. “After nine months he already had his first DAF. The brand never leaves. The fleet now consists of 75 trucks, 80% of which are from the DAF. XG+ is 125ste DAFs that we have purchased for over fifty years of our existence and 200ste truck. A reason to also present our new home style and color scheme on the XG+ and on the last XF that we’ve implemented before.”

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DAF XG+ Heebink

Test driver for DAF

Heebink’s Logistics Service was introduced to the new XG+ at an early stage. “We are one of the test driving companies for DAF. So we gained experience from the start and it shows that the fuel consumption has been reduced quite a bit. We have the XG+ for heavy trailers with a ten ton tail lift. However, the consumption is lower compared to our other DAF XF Euro 6 tractor units in lighter combinations. That says something.”

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‘Challenging period’

The Veenendaal company specializes in transportation to and from the UK and has its own offices in Manchester and Milton Keynes. Heebink: “Brexit is a challenging period. When the UK voted for Brexit, a long period of preparation began. We then decided to take care of customs in the Netherlands and the UK and set up a separate company for this purpose in order to be able to do this work for our customers. Since we take the administrative burden from our customers’ hands, the work goes smoothly for us. In fact, we have been able to welcome new customers. So after that, a pretty interesting decision it turned out to be fine.”

Diver transportation

Transport to and from the UK varies widely. Ranging from agricultural heavy equipment to food ingredients. For this purpose, semi-trailers, linkers, volume trailers, LHV trailers, trailers with refrigeration and freezing installations and with double loading floors are used. Closed box trucks are also part of the fleet. Only mass transportation is not on the list. J. Heebink Logistic Services has 130 full-time employees and another 60 part-time employees. Heebink: “We do the truck maintenance ourselves. The support and service from DAF has been excellent in this regard, which is evident from the long-standing relationship with this Bakker Bedrijfswagens brand and dealer, formerly Broekhuis.”

DAF XG+ Heebink Veenendaal