Who Dies in the Reading Movie?

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The Plot of the Reading Movie

The Reading Movie tells the story of four high school students who are sucked into a video game world. They are tasked with completing a series of challenges to escape the game and return to the real world. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and enemies.

The Characters in the Reading Movie

The main characters in the Reading Movie are:

  • Spencer – a nerdy high school student who becomes the game’s avatar, Dr. Smolder Bravestone
  • Bethany – a popular girl who becomes the avatar, Professor Sheldon Oberon
  • Fridge – a jock who becomes the avatar, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar
  • Martha – a shy girl who becomes the avatar, Ruby Roundhouse

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The Death of Characters in the Reading Movie

As the characters progress through the game, they face a number of dangers and obstacles. However, not all of them make it to the end of the game alive. Here’s who dies in the Reading Movie:

Professor Sheldon Oberon

Bethany’s character dies early on in the game after getting bitten by a mosquito. She is allergic to mosquito bites and doesn’t have an EpiPen, so she goes into anaphylactic shock and dies.

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Franklin “Mouse” Finbar

Fridge’s character dies later in the game after getting eaten by a hippo. He is trying to retrieve a jewel from the hippo’s mouth when it suddenly snaps shut and kills him.

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Dr. Smolder Bravestone

Spencer’s character dies near the end of the game after sacrificing himself to destroy the game’s final boss. He uses a bomb to blow up the boss, but is caught in the explosion and dies.

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The Impact of the Deaths on the Other Characters

The deaths of their friends have a profound impact on the remaining characters. They are devastated by the losses and struggle to continue on without them. However, they eventually manage to work together and complete the game, returning to the real world.

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The Reading Movie is a thrilling adventure that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The deaths of characters add a sense of danger and urgency to the game, making it all the more exciting. While it’s sad to see beloved characters die, it also makes their triumphs all the more meaningful.

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