Schot Vertical Transport Signs for Spierings' eLift 9 crane

Schot Vertical Transport Signs for Spierings’ eLift 9 crane

Schot Vertical Transport recently placed an order with Spierings for delivery of 3 SK597-AT4 and 1 SK1265 AT6, all equipped with Spierings’ zero-emission eLift system that can be craned fully electric.

With this, Schot takes a further step in making the crane fleet more sustainable. With the addition of these cranes, a total of 9 eLift cranes will be delivered to Schot up to and including 2024. At Bauma in 2019, where Spierings presented the first concept model of the new eLift driveline, Schot was the first to choose this innovative system. In late 2020, the first SK1265-AT6 eLift was delivered to Schot.


Roel van der Heide, General Manager of Schot Vertical Transport: “We first saw this new innovation in the field of emission-free lifting at the Bauma exhibition in Munich in 2019. We were immediately enthusiastic and ordered the first zero-emission eLift crane. Meanwhile, emission-free construction is getting warmer and we expect that demand will only increase. The possibility to use the crane electrically from a small 16 amp connection allows for emission-free work on almost any construction site.”

Group Shot

Schot Vertical Transport is part of the Schot Group. Schot Groep was founded in 1931 by Gijs Schot SR. at Herenweg in Oudorp. Starting as a small family business for sand hauling, Schot Groep has grown into a widely operating company. It has more than 450 employees spread across seven operating companies. They are active in construction, conditional transport, ICT and security.

Spierings has delivered more than 100 eLift cranes in the Netherlands and abroad. The Dutch government is giving crane rental companies a nice extra boost with the MIA/Vamil scheme on these cranes.

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