2022 BMW X4 M Spotter's Guide: What's New for ’22

2022 BMW X4 M Spotter’s Guide: What’s New for ’22

2022 bmw x4 m competition

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BMW’s updated its X4 compact fastback SUV for 2022, and that includes the model’s most performance-focused trim: the X4 M. Once again offered in 473-hp standard and 503-hp Competition grades, the X4 M packs more torque for 2022, as well as refreshed exterior and interior styling. Click through to see the visual changes BMW makes to the model for 2022.

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Snout and About—New

BMW tweaks the front end of the X4 model line for 2022. This includes the X4 M, which sports a new schnoz with additional gloss-black elements that highlight the model’s reworked lower-fascia intakes.

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Snout and About—Old

Additionally, the 2022 X4 M trades the individual kidney grilles of last year’s model for a larger, conjoined set. As a result, the 2022 X4 M looks far less porcine than this older version.

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Eye of the Tiger—New

Complementing the updated fascia of the 2022 BMW X4 M are a set of 0.4-inch-thinner headlights.

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Eye of the Tiger—Old

Though the new lamps look similar to last year’s units, the thinner housings give the X4 M’s face a more sinister look for 2022.

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Nice Rump—New

Like its front, the X4 M’s rear gets a new fascia for 2022. Relative to its prior monotone look, the 2022 X4 M’s rear-end now incorporates gloss-black trim pieces that more effectively highlight the SUV’s fastback body style.

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Nice Rump—Old

The previous X4 M’s rear end looked taller due to the body-colored rear bumper.

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Inner Visions—New

BMW subtly reworks the X4 M’s insides for 2022 as well. The dashboard design incorporates a 12.3-inch touchscreen display—2.0 inches larger than the prior unit—running BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment setup, and a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster with a revamped user interface.

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Inner Visions—Old

Besides a smaller center screen, the prior version had mechanical gauges. Keen eyes will also notice tweaks to the X4 M’s climate and audio controls.

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Ready for Console—New

The X4 M also incorporates an updated center console that houses the start/stop button and the various drive mode-related controls.

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Ready for Console—Old

The older shifter handle was larger. Both units operate in a somewhat confusing manner, with Reverse located up and to the left of the lever’s default position.

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