Fully Charged Live 2022

Night: Fully Filled Live 2022

No matter how well the presenters on YouTube try, some products will be wanted by the viewers themselves. Especially for purchases in large quantities such as electric cars! And that’s why “Fully Charged Live” was created. And after corona and a lot of shows in the UK, Fully Charged is now circulating around the world.

Amsterdam was chosen as a Western European location because of its good accessibility, also by electric cars. The event is tailored to each location. In America, for example, electric pickup trucks and armored vehicles are the centerpiece, while in Amsterdam two-wheelers and boats can also be seen. Regardless of the location, the main role is played by electric passenger cars, which is why they can be admired in all shapes and sizes on the “electric road” (see panoramic photo).

Electric car

During this first edition of Fully Charged Live in Western Europe, some of the major automakers are still missing en masse, but the new Chinese brand XPG comes with two new models. The P5 and P7 are viewable on the stand and can be ridden outside. However, the car is not for sale, the brand just wants to gauge the reaction from the driver for now. Based on this, a model will eventually be developed that is tailor-made for the European market.

Dutch car manufacturer Lightyear is building a car with solar panels. Therefore, the “Lightyear One” can charge without a plug and even manage to get energy while driving for longer range and lower mileage costs than other electric cars. However, the model is still under development, so only the prototype can be seen.

Fully Charged Live 2022

The real world first came from the Dutch Squad Solar City Car. This electric-powered micro car has solar panels on its roof. Under ideal conditions, this means energy can be recharged for 20 km per day. The battery is removable, so it can also be recharged if the owner lives on the floor. The Solar City Car is estimated to cost 7,500, making it significantly cheaper than current offerings with combustion engines.

Fully Charged Live 2022

An editor’s favorite is a tricycle from Estonia: the Nobe 100 GT with a cheeky retro design. The 100 GT officially qualifies as a “trike” and therefore has to meet lower (safety) requirements than a car, although the manufacturer puts a lot of effort into this. The car is built on a carbon frame and has a plastic sheet metal to remove rust. Nobe wanted to build a sustainable car that could be adapted over its lifetime thanks to its modular design. For example, batteries, motors, and other electronics can be replaced with relative ease if better technology is available. The 100 GT has a target price of 40,000 euros and now has its first dealer in Belgium.

Fully Charged Live 2022

Not retro, but truly classic, are various old models equipped with electric drive. Belgian Monceau found the best examples of classic Mercedes-Benz, restored them if necessary and replaced the old combustion engine with electric drive. According to the restorer, the weight and power are balanced, so the performance is more or less the same as the original (range: +/- 250 km). The price is higher, as the e-SL featured here costs 170,000 euros for roadworthy.

Fully Charged Live 2022

no car

On YouTube, Fully Charged focuses on more than just passenger cars. So don’t forget to visit the outdoor area where trials with electric boats can be carried out and where the unique “vehicles” are located. BeTRITON is an electric bike, boat and camper in one! This extraordinary vehicle, designed by an adventurer from Latvia, is available as a kit and as a ready-to-use product.

Fully Charged Live 2022

“Van” Arrival has a completely different order. This British company specializes in the design and construction of electric commercial vehicles and now offers buses (72 people) and vans for package delivery. The first copies have now been shipped in the UK and as soon as mass production begins (2023), the “van” will be available worldwide.

Fully Charged Live 2022

Charging, charging cards and more

Of course, electric driving doesn’t end with the choice of car. That’s why (surprisingly) so many charging station providers are present. Do you want to charge with or without solar panels? Are charging points shared with others? Do you want insight into consumption? Should charging start immediately or when electricity prices drop? The possibilities are so varied that this overview under one roof is most welcome.

There are various bill card providers and apps available for public charging. For example, the UK application “Bonnet” can search for charging points (but not across Europe and not from all networks) and manage payments. The Dutch “Green Caravan” offers a charging card which, in addition to the ease of payment, provides insight into CO2 emissions from the electricity generated. If the emissions are too high, Green Caravan will plant trees as compensation.

Fully Charged Live 2022

To help true beginners get started with fast charging, FastNed has developed a “puzzle” where visitors experience step by step that fast charging an electric car is as easy as charging a smartphone. Those who successfully complete all the steps are rewarded with a tote bag; from environmentally friendly materials of course!

What makes Fully Charged Live more than just a car show is the opportunity to meet the idols of the YouTube channel. In two places in the hall, lectures are given on various topics related to the environment and mobility. This is done in collaboration with experts, but always under the guidance of Fully Charged stars.

Fully Charged Live 2022


“Fully Charged” is a YouTube channel about electric cars and technology to make the world a better place. In order to give viewers the opportunity to experience the products of the show for themselves, “Fully Charged Live” was created. After several editions in its native UK, Fully Charged Live is now being hosted worldwide. Obviously this is the first Western European edition as the shows are much smaller than the ones in the UK. This only concerns one Rai hall plus a small outdoor area.

Those who don’t yet own an electric car can tune in to the many possibilities of electric transportation in Fully Charged Live. The term “transport” has been interpreted as broadly as possible: from two-wheeled vehicles through passenger cars to trucks and even ships. Some of them can be tested on site or sail. While the offer is broad, it’s not deep (some manufacturers).

Anyone who already owns an electric car will find a smart charging solution or (better?) way to pay for charging on Fully Charged Live. Most importantly, however, is the opportunity to meet like-minded people and of course the Fully Charged stars.