How Audi saved the VW Group - see KLASSIK 6/2022

How Audi saved the VW Group – see KLASSIK 6/2022

It is clear that AUTO BILD KLASSIK aims to always convey history and stories about cars. We compared the Beetle and Golf on our test drive. But we also add the Audi 80, which is unreasonably underestimated in its importance – and then tell the improbable story in which a Mercedes engineer is responsible for the fact that VW still exists today.
But sometimes we go beyond that: During his elementary school days, our writer Knut Simon walked past the Neue Straße in Königslutter every day, back and forth. This is where the so-called guest workers lived, running small shops and driving the big and powerful cars of their time: Opel Rekord, Ford Granada and Transit, Mercedes /8, sometimes also Citroën or Volvo.

Travel back to the past

So vividly is Simon’s (and his old local friends) memory that we decided to recreate this world in detail: in mid-April, we flooded the closed roads for a day with cars since then.

I would like to thank the following people who have made this possible: the district and city of Helmstedt, the city archives and the Königslutter building grounds; among the residents of Neue Straße, of course; at Ford Classic Cars, Opel Heritage, Volkswagen Classic, Volkswagen Auto Museum Foundation, Autostadt and enthusiastic private vehicle owners.

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Audi 80

Would the VW Group still exist today without the Audi 80 B1? AUTO BILD KLASSIK tells the story of a ring bearer.

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BMW 745i

50 years of M GmbH: enough reason to take a closer look at models with M. Even the most exotic.

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