Mercedes C 180 (W 202): Grandma's Favorite with less than 50,000 km

Mercedes C 180 (W 202): Grandma’s Favorite with less than 50,000 km

The cliché of the perfect oldtimer or youngtimer goes something like this: A car in tip-top condition, can come up with a history that can be traced to the last detail and then preferably comes from the previous ownership of a dear old lady.

Mercedes C 180 (W 202) on eBay

No such thing? Yes, and now: a Mercedes C 180 from the W 202 series from 1996 is being offered on eBay, which meets all of the dream criteria mentioned above and doesn’t push much either. But one after another!

It’s as if this C-Class was just launched off the assembly line yesterday

The dealer wants 8850 euros for the offered car. It sounds like a lot when you first read it. But the information leaves you wanting more! The C-Class was first registered in April 1996, the next date on TÜV is March 2024.
The speedometer shows a distance of 47,665 kilometers. Inside, among others, ABS, airbags, electric windows, and power steering.
eBay Mercedes C class

Looks like nothing was worn inside. Not to mention the damage – for example on the upholstery of the seat.

In the pictures, the car looks like it just rolled off the assembly line yesterday. Glossy paint, all details including the original hubcaps are present. If at all, then there are only very minimal signs of use – at first glance nothing recognizable.

Positive first impressions continue in the interior. There, too, nothing appeared to be worn, used, or even damaged.

eBay Mercedes C class

The 122 HP of the four cylinders is good for a comfortable glide. On Sundays, weather permitting, with family and friends.

Of course, the 122 hp from the four cylinders under the hood doesn’t make this C-Class a race car. But they are perfectly adequate for a relaxing trip in good weather.
According to the description, the previous owner was a 90 year old woman whose name the dealer knew. The specified maintenance is carried out without exception by Mercedes contract customer service.

Here’s what you should know about the W 202 before you buy it

In 1993 the W 202 series came to the market – the “C-Class” was born. The W 202 offers more space and is more comfortable than its predecessor (W 201). The three digits after C indicate the cubic capacity of the C-Class. The line of equipment is called “Classic”, “Esprit”, “Elegance” and “Sport”.
In 1995, the 193 hp C 230 compressor caused a stir. For the first time in 50 years, Mercedes has re-equipped production cars with Roots fans.
In 1996, Mercedes added a station wagon with the model T. In 1997, the C 220 CDI, the first Mercedes passenger car with common rail direct injection, came to the market. The top models are called the C 36 AMG (280 hp), the C 43 AMG (306 hp) and the C 55 AMG (367 hp).
eBay Mercedes C class

The photos in the advert show very good condition. Almost like a new car.

Rust turned out to be the worst enemy of the W 202. The reasons for this included water-based paint, which was new at the time, and insufficient preservation. Even the new primer used from 1998 didn’t help. On the contrary, it exacerbates the problem.

Mercedes C 180 (W 202) on eBay

In the case of oil-immersed four and six cylinders, Mercedes helps as a gesture of goodwill and eliminates many problems during inspections.
The electrical system can still develop on its own in some cars. Battery and alternator sometimes last less than expected. If the tie rod ends are playing, this is usually due to the power steering power steering and cranking a lot when parking.