LAW Toll invests in new Broshuis 4-axle semi low loader

A diverse fleet of earthmoving machines requires trailers that are ready for use in all markets. That’s why LAW Toll BV has invested in the new Broshuis 4-axle semi-low-loader with valve.

With these multifunctional hydraulically driven semi low loaders with a 2.75 m wide loading floor, they can take almost any type of load. Wheel wells are ideal for hauling earthmoving machines and boom frames offer room for the long booms of large crawler cranes.


The LAW Toll BV semi low loader has fixing eyes on the side beams and side beams. The hydraulic drop support and ramps are easy to operate by remote control. There are many options for above and below floor loading for storing (hitting) material. And all the separate parts are easy to handle for one person. This makes it a semi-low loader that is functional, safe and easy to use, even in the busy city center of Rotterdam.

Toll from Piershil specializes in machine rental and earthmoving transportation. Innovation and continuity are important values ​​for a family business. With more than 50 years of history and third generation working in the company, sustainability is guaranteed.

‘Happy with’

Esmeralda Toll drivers, known from the TV program ‘Girls who drives’, are delighted with the new low-loader. “I really like the low-loader! It hangs well behind it and can be used well for different machines, from small to large! I’m very happy with it,” said an enthusiastic Esmeralda.