Gold Laced Polish Chickens: A Guide to This Beautiful Breed

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Gold Laced Polish Chickens are a stunning breed of chicken that originated in Poland. These birds are known for their distinctive appearance and friendly nature, making them a great choice for backyard chicken keepers. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Gold Laced Polish Chickens so special and provide tips for keeping them happy and healthy.


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Gold Laced Polish Chickens are easily recognized by their striking appearance. They have a large crest of feathers on their head that gives them a unique and regal appearance. Their feathers are black and gold, which creates a beautiful lacing effect. This breed is also known for their blue eyes, which add to their overall charm.


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Gold Laced Polish Chickens are known for their friendly and curious personalities. They enjoy human interaction and are often happy to be held and petted. They are also known for being relatively quiet, which makes them a great choice for suburban or urban chicken keepers.


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Gold Laced Polish Chickens are generally docile and easy to handle. However, like all chickens, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened or stressed. It’s important to handle Gold Laced Polish Chickens gently and to provide them with plenty of space to roam and forage.


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Like all chickens, Gold Laced Polish Chickens require proper care to maintain their health. They need a balanced diet, regular access to clean water, and a clean living environment. They are prone to a few health issues, including Marek’s Disease and egg-laying problems, so it’s important to keep an eye on their overall health and wellbeing.

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Gold Laced Polish Chickens require a balanced diet that includes a mix of grains, seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s important to provide them with plenty of calcium to support egg production, so offering crushed oyster shells or other calcium supplements is recommended.


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Gold Laced Polish Chickens are relatively small and don’t require a lot of space. However, they do need a secure and clean living environment to thrive. A chicken coop or other enclosed area is recommended, along with access to an outdoor area for foraging and exercise.


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Breeding Gold Laced Polish Chickens requires careful attention to genetics to maintain their unique appearance. It’s important to select breeding pairs that have strong lacing and other desirable traits. Gold Laced Polish Chickens typically lay around three eggs per week during the laying season, which runs from spring to fall.


Gold Laced Polish Chickens are a beautiful and friendly breed of chicken that make a great addition to any backyard flock. With proper care and attention, these birds can provide years of enjoyment and fresh eggs for their owners. Whether you’re a seasoned chicken keeper or new to raising chickens, consider adding a few Gold Laced Polish Chickens to your flock.

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