Mercedes 560 SEC for sale with cheap price

Mercedes 560 SEC for sale with cheap price

Mercedes SEC is considered the best! When presented at the IAA in 1981, the coupé version of the W 126 was simply a sensation. State-of-the-art technology in a body designed by Bruno Sacco and an exclusive V8 engine under the hood, as the six-cylinder engine is not sophisticated enough for a luxury coupé. And even today, the C 126 offered between 1981 and 1991 is impressive with its presence. Mercedes specialist mechatronics currently has a very special 560 SEC in new car condition on offer!


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For many Mercedes fans, the SEC (short for S-Class injection engine coupé) is still the most elegant design by design legend Bruno Sacco, and its creators themselves are still impressed by the C 126. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first series (1981 to 1985) or the series. second (1985 to 1991): The coupé’s proportions are nearly five meters perfect. In series production, the SEC is unfussy and elegant. The missing B-pillar was an indispensable feature of the big Mercedes coupé until the S-Class Coupé (C 217) was discontinued.
Mercedes W126 560 SEC

Timeless elegance: the simple lines of the 4.94 meter long coupé can be seen very well in the profile.

Mercedes C 126 exclusively with V8

To make it clear that the C 126 is positioned above the sedan, the coupe was offered exclusively with a V8 engine from the start. Initially as 380 SEC (M 116) with 204 hp and as 500 SEC (M 117) with 231 hp and then from 1985 as 420 SEC (M 116) and 500 SEC (M 117) and as top model 560 SEC (M 117) .

Only 7,390 kilometers in over 30 years

A very special Mercedes 560 SEC is currently on offer at Pleidelsheim. Mechatronics traces C 126 from its last year of manufacture, covering only 7,390 kilometers in more than 30 years. There’s not much information about the history of the luxury coupe, but it looks like the SEC is a Japanese model. It is also known that the large Benz was delivered in 1991, but it was first registered in August 1992.

Mercedes W126 560 SEC

Hands: 5547 ccm V8 (M 117) produces 299 hp from September 1987 (279 hp with paint). Previously 272 hp (with 242 hp paint).

In the nearly 30 years that followed, the SEC in the classic “Blue Black Metallic (199)” color barely moved. The three previous owners seem to be collectors who prefer to admire cars than to drive them, so today the analog speedometer shows only 7,390 kilometers. Unsurprisingly, the SEC is accident-free in like-new condition with no damage or signs of wear and tear. The interior with a black leather interior and additions like climate control and heated seats also looks like it’s been unused. The C 126 even still uses the original tires from 1991.
Mercedes W126 560 SEC

Leather and wood in the interior are rarely used. Many 560 SEC’s are said to be complete, but very few have them.

Due to its excellent general condition, it can be assumed that this 126 has no problems with nerve rust spots on the jack stands or rear window frames. In addition, a coupe with a 5.5-liter V8 with 279 hp (paint) will be presented with a new service and a new TÜV.

However, this pleasure does not come cheap. While the cheapest 560 SEC with about 200,000 kilometers under the hump starts at under 20,000 euros, this example is more expensive. More. Mechatronik wants 138,500 euros for 560 SEC, which may be unique in these circumstances. For comparison: In 1987, the new base price of the 560 SEC was 146,490 marks.