Eleven new Actros for Westerman Multimodal Logistics

Westerman Multimodal Logistics has grown rapidly in recent years. The company is increasingly involved in bicycle transport and related activities. The company recently launched 11 new Actros.

Now that demand for bicycles is increasing rapidly across Europe, Westerman hopes to expand further in the years to come. Managing Director Riekelt Schaap explains: “Mercedes-Benz trucks and Wensink dealerships offer the flexibility and solutions we need to enable our growth.”

The recent success of Westerman Multimodal Logistics has been impressive. In 2021 alone, the company’s revenue will increase by 15 to 20 percent. Riekelt Schaap explains: “Our service packages are becoming more and more versatile. Transportation by road is no longer our only job. We also provide transportation by water and rail. We also assemble cargo bikes, for example for Babboe. While the Netherlands was originally a big cycling country, cycling elsewhere in Europe is also on the rise. This is also because people have started to view the city differently, partly because of the corona pandemic. With our services, we help suppliers to meet rapidly increasing demand in France, Germany and Italy, among others.”

‘no fuss’

Mercedes-Benz is a one-stop partner that helps Westerman to grow further. “In 2021 we need a new truck. There are longer delivery times at all suppliers due to chip shortages. However, Mercedes-Benz was able to help us very well. We called our guy at Wensink Truck & Trailer: Remco van Laar. He never came with a fuss, but with a solution. To bridge the delivery times for our new trucks, he immediately set up a rental Mercedes-Benz truck from his network. We can also turn to this brand for another challenge. For example, we are now shipping cargo bikes locally with four new Sprinters. We are very happy with that,” said Schaap.

‘Strong investment’

He said of the series of trucks recently ordered from Westerman Logistics: “We work with several brands. Everyone gets their proverbial slice of cake. Mercedes-Benz is an economically responsible choice: because of its good fuel consumption and low failure rate. Although trucks are relatively expensive to buy, if you look at total cost of ownership Mercedes-Benz trucks turned out to be a stronger investment at the bottom line. As mentioned, Wensink dealers think well of us. That’s how we came to the decision to choose the new 11 Actros.” The order consisted of seven trucks and four outhouses. Tractors will soon be used for international routes, including to Scandinavia.


When it comes to buying a new truck, especially at the Westerman, a lot of emotion is involved. “Drivers on international trips are often on the road for several days. As a result of the truck rental, several truck drivers from other brands suddenly hit a Mercedes-Benz. It takes some getting used to, for example with Mirrorcams and a fully digital dashboard. In the end, they were more than happy: most drivers now prefer to keep driving the Actros. That’s why we provide good trucks with all the comforts onboard for long trips, such as a refrigerator, microwave, air gun (to keep the cabin clean), plush seats and a great bed,” said Schaap.

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Partner for 25 years

The first white truck with a bright green sticker shipped earlier this year at Wensink Mercedes-Benz Truck & Trailer. Remco director van Laar: “We are very proud of this collaboration. First of all because of trust: in the last 25 years we have delivered dozens of trucks to Westerman Multimodal Logistics. Very inspiring to see how the company develops. Transporting bicycles is a fast-growing business. The job has become increasingly complex, in part due to the advent of e-bikes and larger and heavier cargo bikes. Nice to see how clever Westerman handled it. Meanwhile, we have come up with an adequate solution. This is how we help Europe ride a motorcycle together!”


Westerman Logistics is currently preparing for more work. “Just like any good football team, we have the right people in the right positions. Think skilled managers and a pool of reliable drivers with flexible layers. We are also part of the DistriXL network of organizations, with several family businesses such as Raben Netherland and Stad Alkmaar Logistics. Together we offer personal contact and guaranteed 24-hour coverage in the Netherlands. Finally, after years of investing, our digital system is also ready for the future. Therefore, it is great that Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Wensink can offer us this capacity as soon as it is needed,” concluded Schaap.