MTM Audi R8 GT S: Record-breaking Audi in testing

MTM Audi R8 GT S: Record-breaking Audi in testing

He doesn’t like winter weather. You can read about it in the last issue as we beat this R8 on the snow and ice with Continental. Too awkward, too pointing at the gas pedal, so the conclusion. Unsurprisingly, this flounder wasn’t built to ride on loose ground.
The MTM R8 GT S is designed for the racetrack, nothing else. Lots of power, lots of traction, lots of downforce, fast lap times, that’s what converting to the R8 V10 Performance is all about. MTM and R8, the relationship has lasted forever. And marked by love and success. In 2013, for example, when Roland Mayer wowed fans with the ultra-smooth R8. It was already 810 hp by then, at Nardó over 350 km/h, thanks to the RS-6 engine tuned behind it.
MTM Audi R8 GT S

The chassis setup is so balanced you might think the car knows where to go.

In 2014, the tuner followed up again. He took the original R8 GT3 LMS race car, made it slightly roadworthy and set several lap records in semislicks. It took me 1:28.89 minutes for the lap at the Sachsenring that time. Mind you, in freezing temperatures and 2 Michelin Cups without an electric blanket. The current time is still fast enough to be in 12th place in our hit list (814 cars). And anyone who knows the tuner knows that owner Roland Mayer isn’t complacent.

822 status 620 PS

He also quickly made friends with the current generation R8. The supercharger kit for the 5.2 liter V10 is now ripe, good enough to hit 337.9 km/h after 3000 meters in Papenburg. Out of the box! But Mayer had more ideas with the car. And when Audi Sport brought the GT4 to the race track, the plan was clear. Buy race car parts, customize, done.

MTM Audi R8 GT S

The supercharged V10 rips violently even at low speeds, between 6000 and 9000 rpm it’s completely dead.

Almost. It’s not so quick and easy. It took almost two years for this R8 to run properly. Power: via compressor 822 instead of 620 hp. Aero from GT4 with underbody panels, front skirt, splitter and flic, rear skirt with diffuser, adjustable wings, side blades and sills. Only the exhaust system, which ends in the middle of the race car, had to be changed to two exhausts each on the left and right because of the number plate. (Audi RS 6 with 1001 hp from MTM: is it still for sale?)

MTM R8 to 200 km/h in 7.93 seconds

Landing tools? Not GT4, but KW. Clubsport Variant 4 thread, fully adjustable. Wheel? The new BBS FI-R in 9 and 11.5 x 20 inches, only 7.9 and 9.2 kilos light (per wheel, front-rear). Tire? Michelin Cup 2 R in 245/30 and 305/30 R20. How fast is that? We didn’t measure it this time, but Mayer sent us a Vbox file. 2.94 to 100 and 7.93 seconds to 200 km/h speak for ample power.
MTM Audi R8 GT S

The cockpit atmosphere requires no further adjustment action. Low seating position, comfortable steering wheel, perfect adjustment.

We wanted to measure the weight ourselves, also because of the large number of carbon parts and Recaro’s lightweight carbon bucket seats (minus 25 kilos). According to the tuner, the weight should not be much different from the production car because the underbody of the car is closed. By the way, a working car on the Lausitzring, equipped with a semislick, takes 1:32.11 minutes. The 911 GT2 RS holds the best time here with 1:25.91 minutes. Mayer: “911 will be difficult, but the top three should be possible!”

Understeer foreign words

In that case, okay. Lausitzring, overcast, 12 degrees, MTM team mounted a preheated Michelin Cup 2 R on axle. The Lausitzring-Arena was filled with sound as soon as it rolled, then it started. At the back, the fire of passion blazed from the ten pots, drilling into the consciousness for up to 9000 rounds. The engine hangs ferociously on the gas, twisting, grinding, and screeching, the compressor sings softly, while the gears whip ruthlessly into the spinal cord.

MTM Audi R8 GT S

Connoisseurs will miss the GT4’s carbon hood. No problem, lighter parts are optional, including the TÜV.

Front axle is a foreign word for understeer. The R8 steers as fast as a race car, biting and clawing where its counterparts otherwise just whine, and squeezes itself out of the curve with slight oversteer as if on its own, as long as you’re man enough to release 720 Newton meters from above.

In the end, the GT2 RS lost a top speed of ten km/h. The lap time is 1.6 seconds. Nevertheless, congratulations to Wettstetten, second place on the Lausitzring among the most famous super athletes!

Specifications and Price: MTM Audi R8 GT S

• MOTORCYCLE V10, compressor, center rear longitudinal
• SUBSTITUTION 5204 cm3 POWER 604 kW (822 hp) at 8650 rpm
• MAX. TORQUE 720 Nm at 5100 rpm
• 0–100 / 200 KM / J 2.9/7.9 seconds
• ON 330 km/h
• PREIS from 295,600 euros