Otte Infra uses Arocs 8×4 adapted by Veldhuizen

Otte Infra BV has commissioned a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8×4, modified by Veldhuizen Trucks. By making the second axle liftable and movable and by converting the tandem driven unit to a more widespread one, a vehicle with a much higher payload and greater efficiency has been created.

Otte Infra from Odijk is a groundwork specialist in the middle of the Netherlands. This company is not only engaged in machinery rental and earthmoving, but also container rental. In addition, the company has its own ‘Grondbank Bunnik’ and Otte Infra supplies sand and soil. Otte Infra has four of its own vehicles for transportation, three of which are branded with stars. The latest is the Arocs 8×4 Hydro WSG Triple, a vehicle that is not standard in Mercedes’ price list.

“We were looking for a maneuverable vehicle with a truck mounted crane and high payload and good axle load distribution. That’s why we ended up with Veldhuizen Trucks. There, Arocs 8×4 delivered from the factory was adapted according to our wishes,” said Gieljan Otte.

Hydraulic WSG System

The Arocs chassis has been heavily modified by Veldhuizen Trucks. For example, the second front axle is placed 181 cm in front of the first driven rear axle. Both front axles were modified and can now carry 10 tonnes each. The outlet has been moved so the Outrigger Crane can be retracted immediately. The driven rear axle is mounted 181 cm behind the third axle, with a hydraulic steering system. Due to this Wide Spread axle arrangement, both drive axles with hub reduction are now good for 11.5 tonnes. The total GVW of the four axles is 43 tons.

Optimal axle load distribution

The chassis is reinforced to the height of the last two axles with innen liners. Additionally, a Y-shaped 285 liter fuel tank is installed between the three and four axles. Otte Infra has a disassembly system and an Epsilon Q170Z installed by VSU. The Arocs are equipped with a 480 hp engine and the truck is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz Servo Twin steering system. It is an electric-hydraulic power steering system that allows the vehicle to drive very lightly and precisely, even at low revs. The Arocs cabin is also equipped with a Mirrorcam system instead of the conventional exterior mirrors. For Otte Infra, the adjustments made by Veldhuizen Trucks resulted in an optimally usable and driven vehicle with optimal axle load distribution in all circumstances.