Opel Omega B Caravan 2.5 DTI: Well maintained Omega six cylinder

Opel Omega B Caravan 2.5 DTI: Well maintained Omega six cylinder

The Opel Omega B Caravan is rarely seen on the road these days. Not surprisingly, affordable space giants like Opel often have to work hard and often run out. Good rust prevention at Opel in the 1990s did the rest to destroy stock. It’s a shame, because Omega not only impresses with its space, but also with its rich driving experience.

Opel Omega B Caravan 2.5 DTI on eBay

An outstanding representative of the second generation is the Omega Caravan 2.5 DTI. Not only impressed by its comfort and space – it also combines these qualities with the power and smoothness of a 150 hp six-cylinder diesel engine purchased from BMW.

The six cylinders under the hood are from BMW and shine with power and refinement.

This Opel Omega B turns out to be well maintained

Such an Opel Omega B 2.5 DTI is currently being offered for sale on eBay. This is a caravan, that is, a station wagon. So far, the car has had four owners. The seller himself has been driving the Opel since 2008. He described the car as having a complete service history.
In January 2021 there is a new TÜV. A lot has happened over the years: in 2012, for example, a new turbocharger, in 2020 there was a completely new chassis. A complete list of the work performed can be seen in the ad.
eBay Opel Omega B Caravan 2.5DTI

Omega makes a good impression on the image. As described, there are signs of use.

According to information, it unlocks its power evenly over a wide speed range and is plentiful when summoned. Especially important for city dwellers: Emission class is Euro 3! The price tag is 2950 euros.
eBay Opel Omega B Caravan 2.5DTI

New owners should take a close look at the car before buying it. It depends on the details.

Opel Omega B should be checked carefully before you buy it

Opel should be checked extensively before buying. There’s good news: Omega B is generally less rusty than its predecessor, Omega A.
However, brown plague can also bite this Rüsselsheimer – for example on the lower edges of doors, under window slot strips, in wheel arches and housings and in caravans such as in the tailgate.

Not designed for heavy Omega B

Here’s a selection of the most important Omega-B checkpoints: Seats wear out relatively quickly. On vehicles more than 100,000 kilometers away, the white paint on the cockpit switches often peels off.
The exhaust system was considered not very durable even when Opel was on sale. Steering has a reputation that the joints are not dimension enough for the weight of the vehicle.

Opel Omega B Caravan 2.5 DTI on eBay

Taillights and indicators should also be tested. If you want to be on the safe side, you can finally check the tightness of the fuel lines.