Trabant 601 Universal: Trabant 601 Universal with a range of 6000 kilometers

Trabant 601 Universal: Trabant 601 Universal with a range of 6000 kilometers

Trabant 601 has won both races and rallies. He was a film star and the subject of musical hits. Above all, however, he mobilized people under adverse conditions. Therefore, he has the right to become a legend, revered by many to this day.

Trabant 601 Universal with 6000 km on eBay

Anyone who had to drive while the P 601 Trabi was on sale would probably curse the little guy and his habits. Anyone who is allowed to drive a Trabant these days generally takes it as a gift. Away from the merry winks and clink of modern infotainment systems, back to real driving.

A Trabant station wagon with very few kilometers

There’s an interesting opportunity on eBay right now for people who think this way. There is offered Trabant 601 Universal – according to original information – which only covers a distance of 6000 kilometers. The price tag says 5500 euros.
eBay Trabant 601 Van

Trabi makes a very neat impression on the photo.

Trabant 601 Universal is totally original

The Trabant on offer is at Kriebstein in Saxony. It was first registered in June 1990 and is said to have had a previous owner. Automatic belt and rear coil spring attached. Body parts can be purchased for an additional 500 euros. This includes the tailgate with windows, panels for the driver and passenger sides as well as fenders and wheel housings.
eBay Trabant 601 Van

On top of the Trabant 601 Universal there’s everything you need to drive. Everything else is not.

At first glance, the station wagon makes a neat and attractive impression. The car looks neat and not worn out. It is clearly in its original condition and has not been tampered with. The paint is still shiny and the interior looks complete.
eBay Trabant 601 Van

Due to its loading space, the “Universal” station wagon is very popular in the GDR. To this day it is very practical.

But of course it’s not possible to look under the vehicle or at critical points of the body. Potential new owners should watch them closely. Further details can be requested by telephone prior to the visit.

These tips will help any inexperienced Trabi fan

If you want to call your own Trabant, it’s best to study the subject in detail before you buy it.

In what condition is the body?

Starting with the classics: the sheet steel frame under the duroplast body tends to rust. These frames are transported from one production site in Zwickau to another in open trucks in all weathers. From the outset this is, we must say, suboptimal.

Video: Quickshot Trabant

Der Sound des Trabis

Sheet steel is a rare commodity. So body weight assemblies got thinner and thinner over 26 years of construction. And former rust protection was not only a foreign word at the Sachsenring in the 1960s and 1980s.

Has the machine been properly maintained?

Item number two on the checklist should be machines. If you do not have sufficient technical knowledge, you can consult an expert at the latest at this time. Trabant technology requires a lot and especially regular maintenance.
The problem with this: even if something breaks, the trusty Trabi keeps driving. In the worst case even with impending bearing damage or something similar. To recognize such a person, you need not only passion, but above all, a trained ear.

Is the gearbox making unexpected noises?

The gearbox should not squeak or make unexpected noises. First of all, the derailleur must be very easy to move. Ideally, a Trabant can be shifted with one finger.
The fourth gear freewheel should engage and release evenly when you take your foot off the gas pedal. In the end, the gearbox should be tight.

Is Trabi driving fast or springy?

Trabant pivot bushings should be lubricated regularly. Otherwise, they give up the ghost prematurely. The mute bushings of the wishbones are untenable. They should be replaced from time to time.
If the Trabi is springy, the wishbone spine is in the bucket. Brakes don’t like longer periods of idle time. Wheel brake cylinders can jam in just a few months.

Where can I find spare parts for the Trabant?

Spare parts vary in difficulty to obtain. Some of the interior components of the early models were missing. With 601 technology, the problem is manageable. But there are poor quality replicas on the market.

Trabant 601 Universal with 6000 km on eBay

The important point at the end is the chassis number. It says there are vehicles that have been changed from young to old with the help of a changed number so that they can continue driving in the neighborhood zone. Beware of such “fakes”!