Pronk Belkom chooses the CF 10×2 with Fliegl . thruster construction

Pronk Belkom from De Goorn has deployed a DAF CF 450 10×2 with an insulated Fliegl thrust superstructure for use. Pronk Belkom uses these vehicles to transport asphalt, but also sand and soil if demolition has to be done indoors, as is often the case in horticulture.

The DAF CF 450 came from the factory as the FAX 8×2 chassis, after which Veldhuizen Trucks installed a retractable steering center axle. Combined with the higher axle load for the front axle, this results in a 10×2 configuration with a total permissible weight of 49 tonnes. The ideal vehicle for the Belkom Pronk, as it combines high payload with great maneuverability. No less than four of the five axles are steered.

Compact installation

The Fliegl Pusher superstructure has a volume of 24 cubic meters. Fliegl has a lot of experience with pusher manufacturing and this is the latest model. What is special is that the installation is built very compactly, so that the axle load is fully utilized. This is possible using a hydraulic telescopic cylinder in combination with a hydraulic winch. The latter is used to return the head of the bed to its original position after being released.

No residue after disassembly

The superstructure is equipped with Hardox steel walls and floors with high wear resistance. According to Fliegl, a big advantage of the thruster construction is that the body is actually scraped clean when disassembled. Picking up the mill waste immediately after dismantling the hot asphalt is also not a problem. The mill waste that usually sticks to the wall is also peeled off from the bin during loading and unloading, so that no residue remains after being unloaded.

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The 24 cubic meter superstructure is insulated with foam plates, so the insulation remains optimal even after extended periods of time. The payload of the five axles is 31.1 tons, the empty weight of the DAF 10×2 with the superstructure is only 17.9 tons.

Unload inside no problem

Pronk Belkom mainly uses thrusters for the transportation of asphalt. Especially in tunnels and, for example, under tram lines, it is a huge advantage that the box does not rise during unloading. In addition, Pronk Belkom regularly supplies sand and soil to horticulturists who have to unload indoors. An added advantage of the pusher construction is that stability during disassembly is not a problem. Since the loading platform does not rise, unloading can also be carried out on uneven surfaces without any problems.