Classics: These are the 14 most innovative cars of all time

Who had the first pop-up headlights? Opel GT? Not long ago, an American manufacturer had the idea to make a blinking eye. And mass production of cars has not only been common since the construction of the Ford Model T in 1908, but already eight years before the car’s official anniversary: ​​In 1878, the Frenchman Amédée Bollée built the “La Facelle” steam engine in a batch of 50 units. You’ll be amazed, and in series!

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Since then, ideas have not stopped: since Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler succeeded in bringing internal combustion engines to the road independently of each other in 1886, we witnessed the fireworks of innovation that had made the most important mobility engine of all time, the car, only marginally better. Several models have been radically rethought – the best of them still have an effect decades later in new cars.

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14 of the most innovative classics

In car manufacturing, it is often the same as in life: several people have ideas – and implementation and success often fall into the hands of completely different people. Many of the types of revolutionaries recorded in the history books of technology are no longer known today – and the factories that created them have long since been destroyed. Best example: Stout – no, not the beer, but maybe the world’s first minivan … But see for yourself.