DeLorean EVolved Concept Previews an New Electric Sports Car

DeLorean EVolved Concept Previews an New Electric Sports Car

  • DeLorean’s rebirth kicks off with a sports car concept called the EVolved.
  • Like its forebear, the new car comes with gullwing doors.
  • Look for the car to make its formal, physical debut in August.

    More than four decades after the original DMC DeLorean went on sale, a new iteration of the gullwing-door-equipped sports car is due to hit the scene. Dubbed the EVolved, the reborn sports car keeps its forebear’s trick door design but ditches its blocky styling. Though the vehicle pictured above is only a concept, the company assured us its styling is close to that of the forthcoming production model.

    The EVolved’s powertrain is a far different animal relative to the low-powered rear-mounted six-cylinder of the original DeLorean, as the new car relies on electricity for motivation. The company’s mum on specifics, but it is aiming for at least 300 miles of driving range.

    delorean evolved concept rear


    From what we can see in these images, the EVolved appears to go the route of a grand-touring vehicle. While it has only two doors, the openings seem wide enough to make entering and exiting the rear seats an easy feat.

    The Italdesign-penned bodywork, meanwhile, looks to emphasize the car’s aerodynamics, with the concept’s canopy seemingly mimicking the basic style of an airplane fuselage, getting narrower as it goes from the A-pillars toward the rear end. It’s a detail that also affords this new DeLorean a set of wide and voluptuous rear fenders. Like most modern vehicles, it looks like the EVolved’s cabin centers around a pair of big screens: one in the instrument panel, the other an infotainment system that appears to rise up from the center console and onto the dashboard.

    DeLorean still plans to formally debut the EVolved concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August, so consider these images an appetizer for the time being. Nevertheless, we’re eager to see the EVolved in person, and hopefully, as a purchasable production vehicle.

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