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Solid classics: 15 of the least complicated classics!

No, this is not going to be a Mercedes show! Other (and moderate) manufacturers are able to design those that harmonize quality and driving culture. And therefore an ideal choice for all those who were not born with a screwdriver talent. Or a golden spoon.


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In other words, here are 15 classics that almost anyone can afford—and that almost never break. The tinkering is limited to changing the fuse, opening the cap and installing the tank cap or maybe that one air pressure check.

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These are the 15 most uncomplicated classics

Of course, there are some cypress trees that will look familiar to those in the know. Grandma and Grandpa already knew that the Beetle was reliable. The Saab’s high build quality, encased in the bohemian yet elegant body of the 900, won’t surprise you either. Just like the Porsche 944.
Saab 900 S

Saab 900: Good for multiple round-the-world trips. The Swedish trolls are still cheap.

But who will display the Mazda 626 on the screen? It was exactly like that – almost no one knew what it looked like. So, have a quick look at the photo gallery! And please check the Peugeot 404 and Honda S2000 extensively. All of these are collapsible. just which one?