Jumbo deploys electric Scania

Supermarket chain Jumbo recently used the new Scania 25P box truck. Scania electricity will be used for in-city distribution in the catchment areas of Arnhem, Nijmegen and Den Bosch.

Jumbo has gained the necessary experience with electrification with previous vehicles and believes in its use. According to Fleet Manager Wilko Maas, commissioning the new Scania BEV was a logical step. “At Jumbo we are constantly taking steps to become more sustainable. We also want to limit energy consumption and emissions as much as possible during transportation. For example, by loading our trucks more efficiently and planning our routes smarter. We are also investing heavily in making our vehicle fleet more sustainable. For example, we are increasingly using hybrid and electric trucks and delivery vehicles. With this new rigid, we can further optimize our electric vehicle fleet.”

100% Scania electricity

The Scania 25P BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) box truck has a refrigerated body from Burgers Carrosserie with a fully electric cooling engine from Carrier. The cooling motor is powered by electricity from the vehicle battery via E-PTO. The structure is designed in such a way that it is possible to work with several cooling zones. This is made possible by three compartments via a folding partition that can be moved longitudinally. This increases efficiency and makes the vehicle more flexible. In this way, vehicles have been created that can operate completely without emissions.

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The superstructure is equipped with stainless steel fenders and extensions, completely sprayed in color. The body is equipped with a 4-section rear door, so there is less cooling loss that occurs when loading and unloading multiple carts. Furthermore, the car is equipped with a 3000 kg PIEK tail lift equipped with all accessories. “In addition, the vehicle is also extra quiet, a nice side effect when supplying shops in downtown and residential areas,” explains Wilko.

Vehicle stationed in DC in Veghel. There I leverage the existing charging infrastructure.

Zero emission zone

In the context of the City Logistics Implementation Agenda, around 30 cities will start with zero emission zones in the city center by 2025. This means that trucks in the Jumbo logistics flow must also take this into account. “In the coming years, we will gradually replace vehicles with electric vehicles or hybrid trucks,” added Wilko. “We also clearly see the role of hybrid trucks for routes that cannot be served by BEVs. With modern Scania hybrid trucks, you can drive economically with the dedicated Euro 6 scr engine and easily control via geofencing in areas where the truck needs to be electrically driven.”


Electric vehicle also means a switch for the driver. “We already have experience with electric and hybrid driving, so our drivers know what to expect. Once someone is driving on electricity, they don’t really want to go back to diesel trucks.” The new electric Scania will operate in several shifts a day, seven days a week. For this, some drivers received instructions for new trucks. In addition to charging with a plug, the driver can also recover energy by recharging the battery while braking, just like modern Formula 1 cars. “This requires a slightly modified driving style from the driver, who of course received good training from Scania to get the most out of the vehicle.”

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Jumbo is one of the largest retail organizations in the country with more than 700 supermarkets in the Netherlands and Belgium. Companies, such as Scania, have committed to the Science-Based Targets initiative as the basis for their climate goals.