Classic power limousine: These high horsepower youngsters are priceless

Classic power limousine: These high horsepower youngsters are priceless

Power is cool: powerful engines and sporty specific models act as a driver of demand and price for ’90s limousines. “Young buyers in particular prefer this car,” said Marius Brune of market analyst Classic Data.

Useful for classic car fans

Even exotic cars of dubious quality or maintenance risk savings have recently increased in value – perhaps also as a result of the “good mood” in the classic car market, as Brune suspects.

Many sellers have excessive price requests

Pricing is often made more difficult by the fact that sellers are playing big bets when the range is manageable. The difference between market value and replacement value (i.e. the amount the buyer has to pay after the theft or accident to purchase an equivalent vehicle in the short term) can sometimes be several tens of thousands of euros.
Bentley Turbo R Bj.  1989

Bentley’s rolling palace has hit rock bottom: Recently, the car in condition 2 was worth more than 26,000 euros.

90s strong limousine market overview

For example, with a Mercedes E 60 AMG (W 124), which is sometimes called more than 200,000 euros. Some vehicles are now hard to find in original collector’s condition. For example, some Saab 9000 Aero traded in typically have very high mileage, which is attributed to the appropriate signs of wear and tear.

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1990s electric sedan market analysis

Brune is currently observing a real boom in sports models from Audi, for example the Audi S6 quattro. “Everything that says quattro has become very expensive in recent years.” It looks like the former “Vorsprung durch Technik” is also paying on the threshold of the H: with a price advantage.