Ford Escort RS Cosworth: Control over 175,000 euros on eBay

Ford Escort RS Cosworth: Control over 175,000 euros on eBay

Ford Escort for 175,000 euros? No, this isn’t an error, nor is there a superfluous added zero. This red bodyguard should actually cost the equivalent of 175,148 euros (144,995 British pounds). But what makes a more than 25 year old Ford so special?

Ford Escort RS Cosworth im Neuzustand

First of all, the Ford offered on eBay is not just any Escort, but a special model Escort RS Cosworth, made between 1992 and 1996 only 7145 times. Other than that, this compact sports car is advertised as a used car, but in practice it looks more like a brand new car: the Cossie has only driven 349 kilometers (217 miles) since 1995!

Sierra Cosworth Detachment

By the late 1980s, the Ford Sierra Cosworth was obsolete. Something new was needed to have a say in the World Rally Championship. So without further ado, Ford put the Escort MK V body on the technical base of the Sierra Cosworth, and the new rally bullet is ready. What sounds so simple here, of course, took several years of development.
eBay Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Unfortunately there is no interior image in the ad. The RS on offer is a “Standard Edition” with a crank window.

At that time, a road version was required for the homologation of rally vehicles. It wasn’t long before – and the Ford Escort RS Cosworth came to market in 1992, which only had the same roof and some minor details as the regular Escort.

Even ordinary people should immediately realize that this was no ordinary companion. Be it the wide flared fenders, additional ventilation slots in the hood or the front apron with fog lamps and a black front splitter – everything about this car looks about ten levels sportier than the regular Escort.

Big rear wing is a must for RS

ADVANTAGE The distinguishing feature is neither the fenders on display nor the 16-inch five-spoke rims made by Ronald; but of course the giant hind wings.

eBay Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Beige side: The rear of the Ford Escort RS Cosworth is marked by the XXL rear wing. From 1995 that part could be cancelled.

Popular in the Ford scene, “whale tail” wings can sometimes cause confusion or even laughter for those who don’t know. But the wings made by Frank Stephenson (who went on to design vehicles like the McLaren P1 and Maserati MC12) were just part of the RS.

Custom model only made 7145 times

Of the 7145 RS Cosworth built, however, only the first 2,500 vehicles (as of May 1994) were homologated models. This is because the Escort RS Cosworth received a minor facelift for the 1995 model year, during which the engine was revised. From then on it was also possible to cancel a giant grand piano.

Turbochargers make a difference

The biggest difference between the early homologated models and later cars has to do with the turbocharger. The pre-installed Garrett T3/T04 supercharger delivers slightly more power, but also has substantial turbo lag before 3500 rpm. It was later swapped out for a smaller Garrett T25 which significantly improved rideability.

All versions of the Escort RS Cosworth use the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder (Cosworth YBT) engine, which produces 227 hp and 304 Nm of torque in the first model. With the T25 turbo, its performance is said to have dropped slightly to 224 hp.

Thanks to permanent all-wheel drive with a 34/66 distribution, the manual RS, which weighs just 1275 kilos, sprints to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds – still the highest score today and an outstanding time for 1992. Ford delivers the 232 km/h as top speed.h, without big wings even 237 km/h should be possible.

eBay Ford Escort RS Cosworth

The four-cylinder has a displacement of 1993 ccm and delivers 224 hp. Goes from 0 to 100 in 5.7 seconds – still a very good value even in 2022.

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth in “Radiant Red” offered by “KGF Classic Cars” dealers on eBay has probably never gone this fast. The Escort left the Karman factory on the Rheine (NRW) in October 1995, but was not registered until August 1, 1996. This makes the rare “Standard Edition” one of the last Cosworth RSs ever built.

Only 349 kilometers in over 25 years

Unfortunately, the Cosworth RS had a rather unpleasant car life to this day. The first owner was a certain Graham Derek Goode, chairman of Goode Motors and now a proven RS specialist. Until 2010, however, hot escorts were mainly used for exhibition purposes and hardly moved at all.

The second owner, a collector, has practically never ridden an Escort. So it’s no surprise that more than 25 years after its first registration, the Escort’s right-hand drive only had 349 kilometers (217 miles) at a time.

Ford fast will cost more than 175,000 euros

Now Ford is fast up for sale, and for a hefty price. The equivalent of 175,148 euros (149,995 British pounds) was called up – that’s more than the current Porsche 911 (992) GT3 costs.
The price includes all documents, all keys and fully verifiable history. If the new owners are thinking of driving a Cossie, they should budget a few thousand euros for a complete engine overhaul. Tires should also be replaced, as the RS still has the original tires from 1995.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth im Neuzustand

Incidentally, the question of price comparison doesn’t even arise with this car, not only is there a 99.9 percent chance there won’t be a second Ford Escort RS Cosworth in new condition; in Germany the Cosworth RS offer is practically non-existent.

Occasionally, highly modified models are offered for between 40,000 and 60,000 euros, very few of which are sold in Germany. Against this backdrop, 175,000 euros for a Ford Escort may seem very high – but for collectors this is a unique opportunity!