Tomorrow's classics: These 15 cars are the classics of tomorrow

Tomorrow’s classics: These 15 cars are the classics of tomorrow

Which cars from the last decade will be considered classics in 20 years? Maybe not a mass-produced daily car with a small engine. So let’s take a look at what has been hitting the market recently in terms of desirable metals.

Useful for classic car fans

Where: These are all dream cars here, but many of them are reasonably priced – aside from speculative objects like the Mercedes SLS AMG, which are only available in homeopathic quantities (around 5,000 copies), so they cost more as a youngster. used cars than for new cars.
Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe (2010) used cars

Costs at least € 117,000 new, as a used vehicle is currently already € 140,000: Mercedes SLS AMG.

15 most important upcoming classics

But up-and-coming classics like the BMW i3, the neo-Beetle VW Beetle Cabrio or the fun and completely off-road Suzuki Jimny are so cheap that many can strike now – and must strike to secure a well-preserved copy and to later. store in dry garage. But please charge the i3 regularly!

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These 15 cars are future classics

So don’t wait long! By the way, we left the crystal ball in the cupboard. With these 15 cars from the last 15 years, we are absolutely sure: they will become classics!