Faymonville celebrates 10 years of MAX Trailer

With the introduction of the MAX Trailer brand, the Faymonville Group laid the groundwork for the modular construction of a dedicated vehicle for road transport in 2012. The concept is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

At that time, many questions arose about the principle of the modular system. The introduction of standard vehicles for special transport and heavy transport was met with much skepticism. However, the foresight turned out to be good. MAX Trailer gained a foothold and became an established name in the manufacturer’s portfolio.

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‘More than 8000’

“Today, more than 8,000 vehicles have been delivered. A total of about 22,500 axles and 45,000 tons of steel are processed there,” said Mario Faymonville, who has been there since the beginning as product manager. It started with the low semi-loader MAX100 range and over time was augmented by platform semi-trailers, tow trailers and low-bed vehicles. This is a wide reach, which Mario Faymonville sees used throughout Europe. “Our customer base continues to grow, which is also true for our sales network. Standard vehicles with optimized equipment, all high quality, really take off.”


At the official celebratory ceremony, those in charge were now looking back on the enormous development. This can already be seen if we look at the factory hall in Goleniow, Poland. The production site now extends over 40,000 m². The production process in the hall is optimally coordinated and follows the principles of Lean Management. A further planned investment of 23 million euros will further strengthen the highly modern machinery and hall infrastructure in the near future.

As part of the event, several trading partners also received awards that they have earned over the last 10 years with strong sales figures. German partner ES-GE takes first place in terms of the total number of MAX Trailer vehicles sold, followed by Berroyer of France and Traffco of Great Britain.

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“In the MAX Trailer, big ambitions pushed things forward from the start. Meanwhile, the offer already covers six product families and more projects are in progress. The merchant network also continues to grow. The MAX Trailer brand has driven a lot in 10 years and will definitely continue to leave its mark on incredible transportation for the next decade,” concluded Mario Faymonville.