The transport sector is not attractive enough for young people

Tensions in the labor market intensified in the first quarter of 2022. While in the last quarter of 2021 there were still 106 vacancies for every 100 unemployed, a quarter later this increased to 133 per 100, reports ING. The transport sector is not attractive enough to young people.

Corona has hit some sub-markets like automotive, catering and passenger transportation sector hard, while other sub-markets like Retail and last mile shipping (this is the process by which products or packages are sent from the transportation hub to the final destination) are actually benefiting from the demand for transportation. which shifted. . In the hard-hit sub-markets, transport companies were forced to say goodbye to some of their drivers. Some drivers have already started working for other companies in the sector.


“Besides the corona, an aging population is also causing an outflow of drivers. The transport sector has the highest number of 55-75 year olds in the Netherlands.
In the past year, due to the corona virus, there has been less focus on the entry of new drivers through training, recruitment, and selection. More and more drivers have also started their own businesses. For example, the number of self-employed drivers has increased by almost 500 in the last year,” said Machiel Bode, Transport, Logistics & Mobility Sector Specialist at ING.

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In addition, from the demand side, the need for drivers is increasing rapidly due to the increasing demand for transport capacity due to the improving economy and increasing supply directly to consumers.

Sector is struggling with hazing

“In addition to an aging population and greater outflow into retirement, there is also ‘dejuvenation’ in the transport sector. The number of drivers under the age of 35 was 18% in mid-2021, compared to 24% in the previous five years. This profession is not attractive enough for sufficient intake of young people. For a reasonable salary, it is necessary to work sufficient hours. This is not in line with the desire of young people to be able to spend a lot of time in private. For example, young people want to be able to work part-time or have regular days off,” said Bode.

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