Mercedes 230 GE pick-up: 1984 Mercedes G-Class for fans

Mercedes 230 GE pick-up: 1984 Mercedes G-Class for fans

Anyone who is confident loves to show it off with the Mercedes G-Class. The big chunk was very strong. Those in the know also drive a G-Class, but one from the W 460 series. The engineers developed the original model purely for rough purposes.

Mercedes 230 GE on eBay

In the first generation of the G-Class, the letter G still stands without compromise for off-road vehicles. The AW 460 accompanies you everywhere, from the depths of the Amazon to the peaks of Kilimanjaro. Such a genuine Mercedes G is currently being offered on eBay.

The front attachment plate is just one item on the list of features that make the G a workhorse.

At first glance, the advertised vehicle is a rather odd piece. The seller described the car as a classic, convertible and pick-up. The Benz has a mounting plate and a 2-DW control unit on the front. There are also work lights, among others. Single-circuit air brakes are also installed, as are the 1-EW control units at the rear and multiple trailer trailers.

Is this 230 GE a snowplow?

Whether the Mercedes 230 GE was used as a snowplow in a previous life is not explicitly stated in the ad. But the equipment shows this or similar use.
eBay Mercedes Benz 230 GE classic car

Cleaned! The 230 GE looks just as unused on the inside as it does on the outside.

In contrast to the exterior, the technology behind the hood is anything but extraordinary and a must-know for Mercedes fans. In this case 123 The high-powered four-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 2298 cubic centimeters also does their job in the W 124, which is praised for its reliability. But it can go well with automatic transmission and truck registration. The price tag says 39,999 euros.
eBay Mercedes Benz 230 GE classic car

From generators to motocross machines, a lot of stuff has to fit in the loading area.

Here’s what you should know about the G-Class before you buy it

Interested parties should be aware before buying that a good Mercedes G-Class costs money. This applies not only to purchases, but also to maintenance. AGs like this need space. If you are unsure, it is best to measure your garage at home. Speaking of garages: If possible, it should be available, at least in the city. Otherwise, the thief will be happy.

Mercedes 230 GE on eBay

On-site appointment is mandatory. If you do not have the necessary special knowledge yourself, you are welcome to contact an expert. Mercedes is almost 40 years old and didn’t just roll off the assembly line a few days ago. Uniqueness cannot be ruled out.

Mercedes G-Class can rust

Even in the best of conditions, his condition must be checked thoroughly, including seeing the critical points of the body. Because in principle G can rust. There is also an extensive test drive, standard for any used vehicle. Then there must be a history of treatment. Forgotten inspections will be punished with premature damage.

Finally, prospective new owners should be aware of the fact that this G-Class is not a luxurious temple crammed with all amenities. It’s strong here. Loud but warm, if you will.