A. de Reus Aannemersbedrijf signs a contract with Volvo FMX Electric

A. de Reus Aannemersbedrijf has signed an order for a Volvo FMX 8×4 Electric with lift hook. The company from Vlaardingen will use fully electric-powered trucks to transport containers at the port of Rotterdam.

The trucks were supplied by the Volvo Trucks dealer, the Volvo Group Truck Center Rotterdam. This is the first electric truck for A. de Reus Aannemersbedrijf, who as a specialist contractor mainly performs work in the port of Rotterdam.

Follow or lose weight

Director André de Reus cites a number of reasons for taking the step to electricity. “Sustainability is the future and we want to lead the transition to sustainable transportation. If you don’t follow it as a company, you will lose weight. We are particularly active in De Botlek, Europoort and in Maasvlakte, and our work is increasingly involving environmental zones. In Maasvlakte, for example, the environmental zone has been in effect since January 1 and it has been in effect for some time in Rotterdam. Our clients are also increasingly asking what we are doing in the area of ​​sustainability. We also consider it important for the future of our children and grandchildren.”

Enough reach

In finding a suitable truck radius (action) is the most important requirement. “We will use the Volvo FMX Electric for all kinds of container work. Think of placing a watertight container to remove contaminated soil. We wanted a truck with enough capacity for a full day’s work, without having to refill in the meantime. We must take into account the mileage and placement on site, because the hooklift also uses battery capacity. We looked very specifically at this aspect and with a range of up to 300 kilometers, the Volvo FMX Electric scores very well.”

Good guidance

In addition to the range, De Reus has taken into account more points when choosing the Volvo FMX Electric. “This is not only the first electric truck for us, but also the first Volvo truck. When you start such a process, you have 1001 questions. How about charging? What is the radius of action? How is dealer service guaranteed? We were highly advised and informed of all points by the Volvo Group Truck Center account manager. It gave us a lot of confidence. Even when we have trucks, we will receive support from Volvo, with tools like the Electric Range Simulator that we can use to calculate route feasibility.”

Self-charging point

A letter of intent for the Volvo FMX Electric was recently signed. The truck (GVW 37 tons) will be delivered next year. This gave De Reus time to make preparations to properly integrate electric trucks into day-to-day operations. De Reus: “For example, we will install a charging point on our own site where we can charge trucks overnight.”

A. de Reus Aannemersbedrijf is a family business that has been doing specialist work in the port of Rotterdam since 1980. The emphasis is on specialist suction, excavation and blowing work. In addition, A. de Reus is active in the areas of soil remediation, concrete works, tank mound and tank pit construction, preparing sites for construction and cable work for customers in the petrochemical industry, storage and transhipment companies, logistics and energy .