VW T3 syncro Westfalia Club Joker: Is this T3 camper worth it?

VW T3 syncro Westfalia Club Joker: Is this T3 camper worth it?

The VW T3 is a cult classic, one that almost anyone between Flensburg and Füssen can tell a moving story about. If cared for properly, the latest rear-engined Bulli shows its reliable side and accompanies you wherever you go.

VW T3 syncro Westfalia Club Joker with high roof

This is especially true for versions with all-wheel drive. Such a car is currently being offered for sale on eBay. For 56,000 euros! That’s a lot, even considering the hype surrounding the T3 and its steadily rising price tag. Too many? AUTO BILD takes a closer look at the ads and classifies the Bulli advertised!

At first glance, the T3 looks very good: the paint is shiny, the body looks straight.

Could this T3 represent a unique opportunity?

Image is the number one eye-catcher. They show a T3 that appears to be in great condition: the paint isn’t dull or faded. The body looks straight and at first glance it looks as if the car has never been tampered with. Inside, the T3 looks clean and tidy, with no ugly signs of wear or damage.
eBay VW T3 Syncro Westfalia

According to information, Bulli has passed the H-approval. This is a point to note.

The description makes you want the car even more. Thus, the paint is 90 percent genuine. There should be no rust underneath. New gas tank and new Webasto parking heater available. In addition, there are tires that have not been seen 2000 kilometers.

VW camper explained openly and honestly

T3 has passed H-approval. But the best thing is that the engine has just been replaced. And professionally, including the turbo. The flywheel, clutch and exhaust are also new. All of them have one year warranty. The seller didn’t forget to mention that the Bulls have a few places that need to be fixed. This openness deserves thumbs up.
eBay VW T3 Syncro Westfalia

The advertised bus makes a very clean and tidy impression both inside and out.

Lastly, there is the car configuration. Camping Westfalia is more than just a nostalgic carrier for a stylish summer vacation. They are a collection that will increase in value in the future. In addition, it is the Club Joker and a four-wheel drive car. How authentic they all need to be verified. Then the car could actually be worth a lot.
eBay VW T3 Syncro Westfalia

There’s no VW T3 you don’t need to work on. It makes no difference here.

You should pay attention to this before buying a VW T3

Speaking of inspections: With the VW T3, inspections are a must. T3 and rust are not friends, regardless of the specimen. Working on sheet metal is time consuming and expensive. It is best to know what to expect before signing a purchase contract.

VW T3 syncro Westfalia Club Joker with high roof

A VW T3 is a vehicle that always has something to do. T3 owners with screwdriver talent and welding skills have an advantage, everyone needs a spare in their wallet. Also, anyone interested should familiarize themselves with the T3 before buying.

Modern consumption value is not expected

This also applies to driving: No standard T3 engine comes close to the low consumption value of a modern car. Values ​​of twelve liters and more popular for gasoline engines. Igniters themselves are content with less fuel, but they are very comfortable on the road.