H-Kennzeichen für Oldtimer: wie man das Kennzeichen bekommt

Bad classics: These 12 classic cars are scary!

So are you feeling too good? The history of classic cars is full of people like this. Got a few thousand, maybe even a few tens of thousands of euros, maybe it’s spring, and who cares about tomorrow? Of course you can also be unhappy or broke with a strong classic model – but with this dirty dozen you’re guaranteed to succeed!

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You need a big wallet

The reasons are individually as different as the less than glorious history of the twelve, which of course we’ve voted the worst classic of all time for very different reasons. And of course our crushing decision doesn’t mean that you have to swim with these crutches. You just need a lot of resistance to frustration. And often a thick wallet.

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The twelve worst classics of all time

Hence another good (and for once cheap) advice: Stay away from this, like any other hard-to-hold classic! For example, from Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9: Actually, one can only dream of such a giant, right? But the top engine of the second S-Class W 116, which came to market in 1975, was fraught with nasty pitfalls. Starting with the legendary V8: If it breaks, the revision costs at least 20,000 euros. But it is nothing compared to the high-speed tires of the rare format 215/70 VR15: 500 euros due – but not for the set, but per piece!