LCW Groningen uses Scania P360 plug-in hybrid

LCW Groningen uses Scania P360 plug-in hybrid

No more diesel fumes and heavy engine noise in the city center while delivering building materials. Logistiek Centrum Westpoort of Groningen recently used the Scania P360 plug-in hybrid truck.

Combined with an electric forklift, the carrier ensures that the air is kept clean and there is no more noise on the construction site.


Earlier this year, LCW Groningen opened a construction hub along the A7 for its customers in the construction industry. At this point of transshipment, materials for construction projects in North Holland are collected in packages to reduce the number of transport movements by up to sixty percent. The new hybrid trucks will soon deliver these kits to their destinations in a CO2 neutral manner.

Sustainable business

“Diesel was up to the city limits and then we switched to electricity,” explains general manager Jakob Vonck. “We are working hard to reduce CO2 emissions and noise to zero. We’ve been experimenting with electric truck mounted forklifts for a while and our latest series even charges during transport.”

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According to the director of Vonck, sustainable entrepreneurship is in the company’s DNA. “Three years ago, we installed 2,500 solar panels on the roof of our 23,000 m2 logistics center in Westpoort. With this we have achieved the Lean and Green Star. With our new Scania plug-in hybrid truck and our electric forklift, we are now taking another step towards zero emissions.”

Groningen and other developing cities in Europe are working hard to make their city centers completely emission-free within a few years.

Westpoort . Logistics Center

LCW Groningen was founded in 2003 from a merger between three Hoogkerk transportation companies: Gebr. Gorter (chep blue and sugar pallet carrier), Gebr. Vonck (building materials and potato seeds), Liewes (relocation and transport of small consignments). LCW is on the road every day with 110 trucks to provide distribution in the construction, food and agriculture sectors with locations throughout the Netherlands. The head office is located at Londonweg 10 in Groningen.

LCW Groningen Scania hybrid