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Too much “need for speed”? Nissan GT-R stops at 159 km/h!

Is this Nissan GT-R driver too playful Need for Speed? In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, a Nissan GT-R was stopped for going too fast. Speed ​​violations are not all. Now the driver has a problem!


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Rotterdam police reported on Instagram that the driver of the black Nissan GT-R is said to have dueled a BMW. While the BMW driver was sneaking his way through the police loopholes, the GT-R driver was out of luck: he was stopped.
Instead of the allowed 50 km/h, the police laser gun shows 159 km/h – in the city! A standard GT-R with at least 550 hp has a top speed of 153 km/h minus tolerances and is therefore more than three times faster than allowed.

Nissan GT-R discontinued with expired license plates

But that wasn’t the only offence, because during an inspection, officers found that the Nissan was traveling with a German export or export license plate.

The problem: The markings expire on September 21, 2021. In fact, this means that the GT-R is not only going too fast, it’s also without insurance coverage.

What happened to sports cars now?

According to a police Instagram post, the prosecutor’s office will soon decide what to do with the Nissan GT-R, which is worth between 60,000 and 75,000 euros. Meanwhile, Nissan drivers might just have a Playstation to quench their thirst for speed.