VW Gol 2 GTI: Beautiful original Golf 2 GTI with service booklet

VW Gol 2 GTI: Beautiful original Golf 2 GTI with service booklet

The VW Golf 2 enjoys a legendary reputation. The form is practical and the operation is intuitive. The compact Wolfsburg impresses with its durability. The technology is solid and the rust prevention is precise. That is why you see several couples in everyday life to this day.
Others have long since matured into classics. Enthusiasts demand a well-maintained VW Golf 2. This applies regardless of the engine and transmission. The GTI, which is currently being offered for sale on eBay, should be of interest. This is a 1987 two-seater GTI in apparently good original condition for 9500 euros.
VW Golf 2 1050 PS

Unique pieces like 1050 hp these two dazzling people. But real cars are not that complicated.

The GTI is said to be in excellent condition

The Golf on offer belongs to the first two-seater Golf GTI series and has a triangular window which is relatively rare and popular with collectors. According to information, original Recaro sports seats are also rare. The real highlight of the car seems to be its condition, which is described as excellent. The car is Spain’s first registration, has spent its life in the sun and looks rust free.

This VW Golf 2 GTI 16V was built later but in excellent condition.

The necessary care has clearly been given to the Golf. The seller writes about routine maintenance and service booklets. The mileage reads 202,000 kilometers, which is documented by the service booklet. The Spanish MOT may still be fresh, the gearbox shifts cleanly and the clean and tidy interior is still upholstered in the first fabric.

Here’s what you should know about the VW Golf 2 before you buy it

If you want Golf to be offered, you will have to take a close look at the car during your onsite appointment. Yes, in Spain! This applies to any used vehicle, but especially those that are 35 years old and on the road. The Golf 2 is not considered particularly susceptible to rust. But one fundamental characteristic of the series doesn’t say much about the care that previous owners put on a particular vehicle.

Test drive is required for each vehicle

A test drive is also required. It is great that the seller wrote that the 110 hp engine had good oil pressure and pulled correctly. But the smart check it out for himself. Is the transmission shift clean and without background noise? Does VW drive exactly on delivery day? What about brakes and tire life, for example?

Import from Spain no problem

Imports from Spain and registration in Germany shouldn’t be a problem. Spain is a European Union country. Therefore, the receipt in accordance with paragraph 21 and the corresponding data sheet from VW is sufficient to register the car. Taxes or customs do not apply.