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Euromaster Netherlands launches sustainability certificate – Truckstar

To help its truck customers make their tire management more sustainable, Euromaster Netherlands launched the sustainability certificate Green and sustainable tire management.

Raw material reuse and lower CO2 emissions through preventive maintenance form the basis for environmentally friendly and sustainable tire management. Companies are judged on 6 important points, after which the score is calculated. Based on sufficient scores, they receive a certificate with 1, 2 or 3 stars. The more stars, the more sustainable the company works.


“The company’s motivation to make its activities more sustainable is increasing. Many companies have also started working on this, but sometimes don’t know how to do it in their tire management area. With our sustainable solutions, we want to help them use existing resources in a smarter way. We want to make Holland green,” said René van Maasakkers, Commercial Director at Euromaster Netherlands.

Raw material reuse and preventive maintenance

Van Maasakkers: “It starts with the tires themselves: by reusing raw materials, considerable savings can be made on new materials. We regroove and update tires instead of replacing them. And when the carcass runs out, it is processed into new raw materials. Tire maintenance is also very important. By carrying out regular fleet checks and thereby bringing the tires to the correct pressure, the vehicle can drive more efficiently and the tires will wear out less quickly. This can extend tire life by up to 10%. We balance tires to reduce rolling resistance and optimize road resistance. Regular alignment ensures that tires last 15 to 20% longer and can save 3 to 5% on fuel costs. Sustainable tire management provides not only environmental benefits, but also financial savings.”


Through the scorecard, customers are objectively assessed how they score on the 6 components. The resulting score indicates whether the customer received a certificate with 1, 2 or 3 stars. “If the score is too low, no certificate will be issued. And when the customer has received the certificate, is the loop (or ribbon) complete? Certainly not! Once the customer receives the certificate, this is not the end of the journey. All fleet inspection results are stored in the tire management system. Together with our customers, we periodically check for additional savings that can be realized. Therefore, the customer is really entering a long-term process with us for sustainability,” said René van Maasakers.

New deal

Recently, Euromaster has updated its truck offering, called the New Deal. “There are already various service solutions that we can offer to our customers. The New Deal combines these service solutions in 3 packages: MasterStart, MasterCare+ and MasterPremium. Each vehicle contributes to the profitability of the organization. With this new offering, we can ensure that this contribution is as large as possible, as we can avoid high downtime and additional costs, for example through preventive checks,” explains Marc Valentijn, Truck Key Account Manager.

René: “With the New Deal, we can provide all of our customers with tailor-made offers. A sustainability certificate shows whether customers are on the right track and what steps they can take to go greener. This is the next great step towards a greener future!”

Green and sustainable tire management