Quiz: Do you know the traffic rules as well as your truck?

How long can you park your truck inside the built area? Do you need CMR if your load is less than 600 kg? How do you set up your tachograph with a flat tire? The answers (and many other questions) can be found in the new Truckersquiz, an initiative of VSV and AWSR in collaboration with TVM and SFTL.

Do you know traffic rules as well as you know your truck? Then we challenge you! Play now via truckersquiz.be and maybe you’ll win a personalized miniature, Bongobon or one of 60 other prizes. The concept is very simple: 10 multiple choice questions, 5 minutes and therefore ideal for time off or waiting for you on the road. Guaranteed to be fun, as often as you want!


Did you get at least 7 out of 10 and did you answer the tiebreak questions correctly? Then you stand a chance to win the grand prize – a personal miniature or photo shoot – or one of 60 other prizes: Bongo vouchers, duo tickets to Kinepolis, skid and brake control training… Less than 7 out of 10? Don’t worry, you can keep asking and increase your score.

truck driver quiz