Colorful vintage cars: Classic cars from the 70s and 80s are so colorful

Colorful vintage cars: Classic cars from the 70s and 80s are so colorful

Anyone who has seen cars from the 70s and 80s quickly realizes how colorful the new cars were. Of course, the 70s were a turbulent time, the power of flowers trumped the lifestyle of the time, gender stepped out of rigid roles. Both are also influential in the world of car color, the spread of two-component acrylic paint also helped expand the color table. The color of the car has cheerful names such as Mexico blue, Indian red, signal orange and cliff green.

The colors of the 80s cars are also colorful, even more striking

It was just as colorful in the 80s, many cars of that time were kept in strong signal colors. Because it goes on: After the hippie era, manufacturers beat each other with shrill scream colors. Not to mention a bit crazy fringe phenomenon like the Polo Harlequin from the nineties. Even some settled buyers are tempted to opt for bright colors, and the Mercedes S-Class can also be ordered in bold, but above all, colorful tones. BMW also makes colorful deliveries. Audi, on the other hand, has always painted very sporty vehicles in bright colors, such as the RS2 power station wagon. Especially nowadays, many car lovers find brightly colored cars beautiful, while off-color tones enjoy cult status. Example: Agave green with dated interior. Great today.

Useful for classic car fans

Opel GT 1900

Yellow can be very bright: here at the Opel GT.

Today colorful is just as popular: colorful classics

Clear: Today, a colorful classic that not only catches the eye with its shape but also with its color is great in comparison to a rather gray car. However, manufacturers always offer bolder paint colors. But for fear of losing too much value, cars from premium manufacturers were especially ordered in muted colors. If it’s a leased vehicle that a customer shows his dealer after a few years, not all possible variations are often allowed. This means that individuality is lost. The individuality we have cherished so much in the past and which we can admire here.

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Old and young in bright colors

VW Passat B1 variant

Orange midrange: This VW Passat B1 is also a ’70s kid when it comes to color.

Car buyers are becoming bolder in choosing colors

While silver, anthracite, gray, black and white have long defined the street scene, color is slowly making a comeback. More and more car buyers are getting bolder in their choice of colours, bright flecks of color mixing up road traffic. Not only in the selection of paint for a small car, color comes back to play more often. And models like the Mercedes A-Class, the sporty BMW or the agile Audi, especially those with higher engines, are always ordered in bright colours.