Ford Mustang (2022): apparently in two hybrid versions in the future

Ford Mustang (2022): apparently in two hybrid versions in the future

Already in early 2020, Ford unknowingly revealed when the next Mustang would hit the market. In job advertisements published on the company’s own website and on the “LinkedIn” portal. A member of the “Mustang 6G Forum” has noticed the advert: It’s about a new Mustang with the internal model name S650 (its predecessor was called S550) – and will launch in 2022.


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However, due to the coronavirus, these plans may have been put on hold for a while. The seventh generation may be coming in 2022, but it won’t reach dealers until 2023. The How To Cars illustration shows what the next Mustang will look like.

The current model design is likely to be further developed

A radically new design was not expected. Instead, Ford might further develop the existing look and incorporate elements of the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. This should include the shape of the grille, which is constantly evolving in sports cars, and the design of the side air inlets.
Otherwise, a clearer body design and fewer beads and edges can be expected. Our illustration shows a reduction in headlights that has nothing to do with the current lighting design.
Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

Elements such as the upright look should be taken from the interior of the Mustang Mach-E (pictured).

It’s possible that Ford was actually eager to experiment with lights – after all, the recently introduced Ranger was bold in this regard too.
As for the interior, Ford is expected to bring the Mach-E portrait screen to the regular Mustang. The existing digital cockpit can be upgraded with a new display or better resolution.

Mustang may come with two hybrid variants

There’s also information about the engine from the Mustang forums – and they’re also from LinkedIn. A former Ford engineer stated that he was working on two hybrid versions. As such, there will be a 2.3-liter hybrid and an electrified version of the five-liter V8. The latter has now been confirmed to the Australian Wheels website by Ali Jammoul, Director of Vehicle Programs at Ford Performance.
However, it is unclear whether this variant will be offered straight from the market launch, as rumors have it that a new V8 hybrid was announced to US dealers for 2025. It is likely that the new Mustang will also be available with a classic combustion engine without electrification. In addition, rumors persist that Ford will offer a car with all-wheel drive for the first time.