Der Hollnder chooses a Volvo FH16 750 with a Heiwo . superstructure

Berlin’s Der Hollnder company has added a special Heiwo combination, with fast loading options, to its fleet. Heiwo is famous for its beautiful and sturdy construction and this one is certainly one of them.

In the heaviest version of the Volvo FH750 truck, Heiwo has installed a body with a length of 8.1 m and an internal height of 2.8 m, a rear door in a harmonica version for through-loading. Heiwo assembles the 50 mm pneumatic volume coupling for the center axle trailer itself. For solo loading and/or unloading, a D’hollandia volume tail lift is installed. The body is kept at temperature by a Webasto hot water heater mounted in a stainless steel case. There are 4 outlet openings on the floor and the conduit for these flows through the sub-window.

Heiwo’s sprawling center axle trailer also has harmonica doors up front, followed by a 30mm ramp that’s heavy to load through. This AHW is also equipped with a D’hollandia tail lift.

All are equipped with stainless steel side shields, side lighting below and above the profile. This truck is equipped with full LED lights, SKF grease lubrication, floor/roof rails, etc. The combination is sprayed with a striking yellow color, after which letters are applied with 2 addresses in Berlin. The combination will run between the Dutch auction and the Der Hollnder location in Germany.