VW T3 with Passat engine: This restored Bulli has 150 hp

VW T3 with Passat engine: This restored Bulli has 150 hp

Classic cars from Croatia have a lot of potential. Anyone who’s followed the DMAX series around the screwdriver brothers Ivan and Zoran knows that a VW T3 imported from Croatia is currently being offered on eBay. Interesting: The car has been restored.

VW T3 with Passat 150 hp engine

The VW T3 is considered a cult classic that brings a lot of nostalgia. It is also practical and very reliable if you take good care of it. Not to mention its quality as a basic vehicle for a motorhome. Just with dynamics, many box-type VW versions are not like that. In 2022 you must want to travel at a speed of about 100 km/h.
eBay VW T3 Bulli 1.8T

Here it is important to take a closer look. The entrance on the front door looks like it’s rotting through T3.

Advertised T3 only need German paper

It should be different to the VW T3 advertised on eBay. Instead of one of the standard units, the red and white Bulli is powered by a petrol engine (engine code AEB) from the VW Passat with a displacement of 1.8 liters and 150 hp. According to information, the unit runs like clockwork and the transmission shifts well. In addition, one might say, there is a Webasto parking heater. Fixed price: 11,700 euros.
eBay VW T3 Bulli 1.8T

Coloring is a matter of taste. But Bulli made a neat impression at first glance.

The most important task for the new owner seems to be taking care of the proper paperwork. Croatia is an EU country, so according to the seller, German registration shouldn’t be a problem. First comes the reception according to paragraph 21. The machine can also enter at the same time. Then you go to the road traffic office for registration with proof that you have passed the test and the corresponding VW data sheet. Bulli may require different brakes on the rear axle.
eBay VW T3 Bulli 1.8T

The body should be examined in detail. T3 and rust are usually considered intimate enemies.

Here’s what you should know about the VW T3 before you buy it

A visit to the VW T3 is a must. T3 and rust are not friends, regardless of their respective vehicles. Working on sheet metal is time consuming and expensive. It is best to know what to expect before signing a purchase contract.
The VW T3 is definitely a vehicle where there is always something to do. T3 owners with knowledge of screwdrivers and welders have an advantage, everyone needs a spare in their wallet. Plus, anyone interested should familiarize themselves with the T3 before buying it.

Please don’t expect modern consumption value

This also applies to drives: None of the standard T3 engines are equipped with rated current consumption. Values โ€‹โ€‹of twelve liters and more popular for gasoline engines. Igniters themselves are content with less fuel, but they are very comfortable on the road. Anyone who looks at the consumption of buses on offer may not yet understand the car.