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Porsche 911 Carrera 4: restoration after 370,000 kilometers

A Porsche is back! This Porsche 911 Carrera 4 of the 993 series was delivered to the Porsche Center in Hamburg on July 4, 1996. Nearly 26 years and more than 370,000 kilometers later, he is back home in the Hanseatic city. Interesting story about how it happened!


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Review: In December 2021 we reported that a very special Porsche 911 will be auctioned. The specialty of the 993 Carrera 4 is not only the PTS special paint in “Ragusa Green”, the color of the Audi RS 2, but also the distance. In 25 years, the previous owner has always used a 286 hp Porsche as a daily driver, meaning that a well-equipped 911 has more than 370,000 kilometers under its belt – and that was with the first engine!
Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996

Long ago: This is what the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 looked like before it was dismantled.

The penultimate sentence of the original article reads, “The auction ends on December 23, 2021, so someone might still be able to get their hands on Christmas presents at the last minute.” Sebastian Lindau took this sentence literally.

993 Carrera 4 costs 70,000 euros

Lindau is managing director of “Patina Garage” in Hamburg and bought a Porsche for 70,000 euros one day before Christmas Eve after reading the AUTO BILD article. A few months later, he told editor Jan Götze the story on the phone and immediately invited him to check 993 in Hamburg.
Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996

Completely disassembled: This is what the current Porsche 911 looks like. As soon as the sheet metal work is finished, it will be repainted – of course in the original “Ragusa Green” color.

On-site visit at Poppenbüttel: A few weeks have passed between the phone call and the meeting, so the Porsche has been dismantled and is being rebuilt. Initially, the plan was to just work on the 993 and then use it again as a daily driver – but things turned out differently.

Checkbook with 21 stamps

Sebastian picked up the Porsche in the Czech Republic and drove the 700 kilometers back to Hamburg alone with no problems. Although the 3.6-liter six-cylinder boxer with Vario-Ram was quite wet with oil, the engine ran smoothly – this is of course also due to the fact that all previous owners had 993s serviced regularly by Porsche. When the first checkbook runs out of space, the second servicebook has just started. To date, Carrera 4 has garnered 21 entries, last dated 18 December 2020. Mileage then: 360,0002.

Current mileage 372,457

When Porsche rolled into the yard in early 2022 at the “Patina Garage”, which is exclusively for Porsche and US cars, the analog speedometer showed an incredible 372,457 kilometers. Time for service, but maintenance should be more.

The 993 was more closely inspected at the workshop and, apart from the well-known rust spots on the window frames, many more chocolate plagues were unfortunately discovered. Unlike most 911s, which mostly drive in good weather, the Carrera 4 ragusa green is driven all year round, even in rain and snow. Above all, road salt is not good for sheet metal. This is especially noticeable on the side skirts. Underneath the blanket was not only a film of rust, but unfortunately massive rust.
Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996

Not to be stored: Both side skirts are completely rusted under the cover.

Repairs were no longer sufficient here and since project assignments were never an option, Sebastian decided to install new rocker panels on both sides. But that’s not all, the ends for attaching the rear apron have also been completed.

Neat interior

Sebastian quickly realizes that the 993 requires more work than previously thought. In the end, he decided not only to fight against rust, but to overhaul the engine at the same time – because what’s the point of a pretty cover if the technology doesn’t match. Speaking of pretty: as soon as the sheet metal work was done, the 911 got a new paint job, of course in the original “Ragusa Green” color. Only the black leather interior is in relatively good condition. With a light patina on the driver’s seat and steering wheel, the cockpit looks more like 170,000 than 370,000 kilometers.
Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996
Top condition: For a mileage of over 370,000 kilometers, the interior looks very neat. Not much to do here.

What should have been a minor refresh has now become an almost complete recovery that will take several months. As soon as the 993 returned to the road, Sebastian, who also had a converted 964 with a 4.0-liter engine, bucket seats, carbon bumpers and more, wanted to use the Carrera 4 as an everyday vehicle again.

Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 (PTS) 1996

Complete history: A checkbook alone is not enough. The important lives of 993 are fully documented.

There’s still a lot to do before that, but the special 911 deserves to stay on the road simply because of the PTS-specific colors and good gear. And then there’s also the complete history. Only while studying the documents that fill several folders does Sebastian make a surprising discovery: the first owner of Hamburg was a friend of his father – now Porsche is home again!