The craziest classic of all time

Weird concepts, crazy designs and experimental cars enrich the classic car scene. Many cars are built under constraints such as special tax rules, like the Reliant Robin or the Peel P50 minicar. Or they go to extremes, the best examples being the Urvieh SUV Lamborghini LM002 or the winged monster Plymouth Superbird.

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So this list of the 15 funniest classic cars of all time makes sense: You don’t have to have one of these cars in your yard – but knowing they exist gives hope. There is life outside the mainstream and the mainstream, a strange life!

Like a competition between cartoonists

In this case, the Stutz Blackhawk was born. The car looks like a competition between cartoonists: “Draw a car that looks like a caricature of a US highway cruiser – the crazier the better!” Of course, Stutz would win such a prize. Everything about cars is too much.

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15 of the craziest classics of all time

Or Bristol Blenheim. The car, a four-door coupe from the mysterious British manufacturer Bristol, is one thing above all: rare. In about 15 years (until 2008) between 100 and 300 Blenheim were made. Even the exact number is unknown. Bristol, like many others, took that secret to its grave: the company went bankrupt in 2011. There’s no doubt about it: all 15 of these cars are extreme. But above all crazy!