Classic car fundraiser 2021: The grand prize is a Porsche 911!

Classic car fundraiser 2021: The grand prize is a Porsche 911!

Dead 27th classic car fundraiser Lebenshilfe Gießen has some very interesting prizes. Apart from the one year old Porsche 911 Carrera “G” there are two legendary Mercedes roadsters. In addition, moderator Günther Jauch, longtime sponsor of the Lebenshilfe Gießen organization, once again donated a car from his collection.

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More than 20 years ago, Reinhard Schade mentioned Classic car fundraiser into life. Your results come year after year project that credit people with mental and physical disabilities enables self-determined life. 27th fundraiser is underway until January 20, 2021. You can take part with just a five euro donation.

These are the 2021 benefits:

1. Prize: Porsche 911 Carrera “G”

With only 79,028 kilometers in one hour Porsche 911 classic in one state used young. 206 hp from 3.2 liters brings Six cylinder boxer up to 240 km/h. Carrera has a dark blue paint, which matches the interior with paint of the same color leather interior. From 911er have almost complete equipment: Power sunroof and power windows and tinted glass are installed. Former pilot Ulrich Jöckel owned the Carrera for a long time and has now decided to donate it to a classic car fundraiser. Oliver Holtz of Hohne could be delighted with the cult racer.

2nd Place : Mercedes 190 SL

The 27th classic car donation campaign by Lebenshilfe - Mercedes 190 SL

The second prize was almost twice as expensive as the first prize: a 1962 Mercedes 190 SL roadster.

This small roadster 1950s has the same color combination as most famous car This series: black paint, red leather – that’s how it’s driven Rosemarie Nitribitt 190 SL, the legendary bon vivant from half of Frankfurt’s world, made in 1957 by an unknown person killed Becomes. However, the 190 that were drawn at Giessen were Re-import from the United States: He was born in 1962 – five years after Frankfurt criminal case – recognized in America, later by Dr. Sebastian Fetscher was brought back to Germany from Lübeck. Here the classic Mercedes received one complex restoration immediately before submitting it to a classic car fundraiser. In other words, these 190 are better than new! The new owners are Rita and Herbert Seibold from Schwabach.

3rd Place : Mercedes SL (R 107)

The 27th classic car donation campaign by Lebenshilfe - Mercedes 280 SL

And the third prize also whetted our appetite for spring: another Mercedes SL R107 roadster, made in 1982.

Rolf Husemann from Pullach is the lucky winner of the 3rd prize, a Mercedes SL R107. The car has very rectilinear Curriculum vitae: Its first owner left it 1982 to. Not only does this woman care deeply for her lover, she also cares for his future: After his death, he decides that the friends of the R107 Club must take care of the R107 SL! They have him donated: A 280 SL with a distance of only 83,526 km, which is in good used condition. The six-cylinder with a displacement of 2.8 liters produces 185 hp, which is more than enough for a curb weight of 1.5 tons. The blue leather interior matches perfectly with the silver metallic paintwork, and there’s also a hardtop.

4th Prize: 1938 Ford Eifel Roadster

From Ford Eifel Roadster really old: Hartmut Ide from Ostfildern donates the excess 80 years Sports Cabriolet. It has a 1.2 liter four-cylinder that produces 34 hp. That’s enough for almost 100 km/h. The machine was made more than twelve years ago fundamental overhauled and has only run about 6000 km since then. In addition to convertibles in Two-color paint there is a wide one in black and bordeaux red twist spare parts included one second machine – real life support to sniff before this war! Congratulations to the new owner dr. Detlef Hug from Mammendorf!

5th Prize: Ford Taunus 17M by Günther Jauch

The 27th classic car donation campaign from Lebenshilfe - Ford Taunus 17M P3

To the blue with a blue bath: 4th prize is a 1962 Ford Taunus 17M – donated by Günther Jauch.

Georg Ortmann from Stetten wins 5th prize, one Ford Taunus 17M owned by moderator Gunther Jauch. Jauch has been a classic car fundraiser for years weighed, he has donated a Mercedes 180 C Pontoon and a VW Beetle “Ovali”. Ford 17M too”bathtub” called, has 60 hp and restored from the ground up. It has a three-speed steering wheel gearshift, a continuous bench in front and then modern white wall tires. Speedometer shows 22,068 km – scale only five digitsthere may be an invisible “1” in front of it.

6th Prize: Volvo PV444

Sturdy Everyday classic: 6th prize, a Volvo PV444, was on the road regularly for ten years, including on long trips. From hump volvo, as he is nicknamed, has 69,546 km under his belt. Very powerful engine performance 60 PS with a displacement of 1.6 l and an unmistakable body speed of up to 145 km/h. He was immediately handed over from the start recover. Now Dr. Hubertus Gloger from Oberasbach went with him on the track.

7th Prize: VW Beetle 1302 S

A beetle must (almost always) present. In 2021 built 1972 1302 S with 50 hp from Berlin. It contains a piece of German-German history: First, the Wolfsburger in Märkisches Viertel is in West Berlin at home, where Ralf Backhaus bought him after the fall of the Wall and took him with him. From East Berliners returned the Porsche round shortly after. He also let himself sniff contemporary setting: a dragster shifter by Gene Berg from the US, a longer transmission, a MOMO steering wheel (with ABE!) and even a rare trailer hitch. The beetle is round 60,000 km on the speedometer. Dirk Boxhammer of Sankt Augustin can be happy with the crawler.

The 27th classic car donation campaign from Lebenshilfe

All prizes: a Ford Eifel Roadster (next to the Ford Taunus) as well as a VW Beetle, Mercedes 190, Volvo PV444, Fiat 850 and Opel Tigra too.

8th Place: Mercedes-Benz 190 (W 201)

Mercedes 190 is one of them strengthen The car that Daimler once made – and drives almost as it does today contemporary model. Nevertheless, he is now one of them coveted youth. This 190 is an economical diesel: at 72 hp, it’s not one of those race cars, but content with it under 7 liters up to 100km. It only covered 59,000 km, so just came in! Besides, this Baby Benz already has it H license plate, so almost no taxes and have access to all neighborhood zones. Congratulations to Markus Niebler of Neumarkt on the win.

9th Prize: Fiat 850

As cute as the Fiat 500, but substantial more suitable for daily use: With an exterior length of 3.57 meters, the full-sized Fiat 850 is 60 cm more to offer than its much more famous contemporary. With 34 PS the engine (like the 500 in the back) reaches 121 km/h. also worth mentioning rarity value: With this car you are always in sight! Markus Bauer of Freudenburg can find out for himself next summer.

10th Prize: Opel Tigra

In 1994, Opel brought mini sports car for young people, Tiger on the phone. This sport coupé has 90 hp, which means it can reach a top speed of 190 km/h. This one is 25 years old and only has 38,000 km on the speedometer. Steve Schmiedehausen from Quedlinburg can be happy with Opel.