Mercedes 560 SL (R 107): Is this Benz power cheap?

Mercedes 560 SL (R 107): Is this Benz power cheap?

A Mercedes convertible with power V8 for small Money: If you want to enjoy next summer in a vehicle like that, you should keep reading. Because in eBay a Benz is currently on offer, which could turn out to be an interesting opportunity. it’s 227 PS strengthen Mercedes 560 TL series R 107 in metallic blue black from California. Press: 19,500 Euro.

Mercedes 560 SL (R 107) on eBay

According to the information, the cars offered are 1988 approved for the first time. The seller described Benz as stainless and not welded. German H approval happened, next appointment at MOT written in October 2023 on. that car is ready to drive. However, due to age and work still to be done, the seller offered it as restoration object a.
eBay Mercedes 560SL

At first glance, the interior makes a decent impression. This should be checked on site.

The equipment offers several highlights

This Mercedes roadster scores next to flattering deficiency blue blackMetallic with cream leather interior. There are also electric windows, a air conditioning, Power steering and central lock. Ready-made EU bumpers and aluminum wheels with new tires can be purchased at an additional cost.
eBay Mercedes 560SL

Many European SL fans find American bumpers ugly.

Here’s what you should know about the SL R 107 before you buy it

Anyone interested in an advertised Benz should note a few things before buying:

1. On-site appointment and a test run absolutely necessary. advertised Condition hear I agree checked, Weaknesses must be disclosed. This includes, for example, that Softtop it seems need to be revised. One of the advertising photos shows that behind window absence.
eBay Mercedes 560SL

Fabric roofs require a lot of work. In some cases it even has to be replaced.

2. The Enemy from Mercedes SL from the R series 107 Rost. Early cars were badly affected. It rolled off the assembly line after a facelift in 1985 and is supposed to have inner fenders and bulkheads behind the front apron. But if you look closely, you avoid surprises. as nerve The place including the front sill end, jack point, and inner sill.

EU conversions can be very expensive

3. Anyone who has a US-SL like this is completely on “Europechange want to go, can come 14,000 Euro invest. From shell the US version is different for example in the field bumper attachment. Just unscrewing and plugging in again is not enough. Just that H4 . headlight conversion devour 3600 Euro.