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Maxi-Tuner Mini Cooper S: getunter Mini Cooper S mit 222 PS

Do you remember when the Cooper S was the undisputed number one in the small car class? Back when he easily beat calibers like the Renault Clio Sport, Corsa OPC or Polo GTI? And when was its 175 hp engine named “Engine of the Year”?



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All some time ago. In recent years, the Mini has become bolder, the Mini JCW GP times are excluded. The result: recently, the Cooper S had to admit defeat to the conservative 200 hp A1.

Cooper S series only has 178 hp after facelift

The facelift came a few months ago. With lots of new colors, customization – and less power. Due to the new emission standards, the Cooper S only has 178 hp instead of 192 hp. And now? What do people who don’t have enough do? The solution could come from Andreas Schmidt.
Maxi Tuner Mini Cooper S

This mini drive is as beefy as it looks. Wing? The Cooper doesn’t need any downforce, but it should be a show.

Head Maxi-Tuner from Gau-Algesheim near Frankfurt has developed a kit for the Cooper S that is meant to elevate the Mini to its old level of driving pleasure. The whole kit costs 6,560 euros over 29,650 euros from the Cooper S.

Maxi-Mini is much fatter

We did the test. The basis is the current Cooper S with a boring seven-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. After the conversion, Tuner Schmidt called his vehicle the “Rebell CPR S”. What’s behind that name? First of all, the two-liter four-cylinder turbo gets a new map for gasoline and increases the pressure loaded by the auxiliary control unit.
Maxi Tuner Mini Cooper S

It’s great when the carbonated air filter system beeps and grunts. The increase in performance costs is only € 890.

On the chassis side, a self-developed threaded solution called the “Conquistador” with adjustable dampers was used. A fun setting in everyday life with sporty toughness and ample rest comfort. In conjunction with the homemade 18-inch Maxwheel alloy wheels, the Mini is now much beefier.

Visually too, he is not a child of sorrow. With the colorful foil, he looks like he wants to race straight away. The adjustable rear wing is very eye-catching.

Tuned Cooper S drives 244, not 235 km/h

During the first measurements, it became clear: This mini has steam! The production car had to sprint to 100 in 6.7 seconds, the Maxi-Mini broke through the wall of 100 in a smooth six seconds. Between 3800 and 5000 tours you can clearly see that this Mini is much better than the series.

Finally, the auto, previously known as the fun brake, became even more fun. The elasticity value is impressive, the force distribution is homogeneous. top speed? 244 instead of 235 km/h, no illusions. According to the speedometer, the little one is even more than 250. To the Lausitzring, where Cooper was inspired by curve one.

Maxi Tuner Mini Cooper S

There’s something about it: Amazingly, up to 100 km/h the mini tuning is seven tenths faster than the factory specs.

Despite only 222 hp, its ease of changing direction, the lateral acceleration it provides due to its low weight and how it sustainably pulls itself out of tight corners is impressive. There it was again, the typical mini feeling of days gone by. Go!

Specifications and price: Mini Cooper S maxi tuner

Motorbauart: R4
Charge: Turbo
Installation position: front opposite
Valve/Camshaft: 4 per cylinder/2
Displacement: 1998 cm
kW (PS) b. 1 minute: 163 (222)/5200
liter output: 111 PS/l
Nm b. 1 minute: 340/3500
Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch
Drive type: front wheel
Front brake: 360 mm internal ventilation
Rear brake: 330 mm internal ventilation
Brake disc material: stahl
Front – rear wheel size: 8×18″
Front and rear tire sizes: 215/35 R 18
Tire type: Hankook Ventus S1 Evo
L/B/H: 3874/1727-1932/1374 mm
Wheelbase: 2467 mm
Tank/rod volume: 44/211-941 l
Standard consumption • CO2: 7.7 l/100 km • 183 g/km
Test car price: 35,910 Euro