Iveco X-Way 8x2 for Aabo Trading

Iveco X-Way 8×2 for Aabo Trading

Aabo Trading recently commissioned the Iveco X-Way 8X2 with 460 hp. This is the company’s first truck with a crane. The X-Way is equipped with an Effer crane and will be used to carry roofing material to the site.

Aabo Trading delivers its own materials at the customer’s location. So far, this has only been done with smaller vehicles. With the new truck, Aabo Trading can not only bring the material to the site, but also to the right height. The truck will look after customers in North Holland. X-Way has 4 axes. This was chosen because of the better weight distribution, considering the crane on top of the truck. The net payload is 15,000 kg. The unmoved axles are all steered, which ensures a short turning circle. Tight turning circles are useful in residential areas and on construction sites, where there are narrow roads or paths. Length restrictions in major cities have also been taken into account, as the Iveco X-Way is no more than 10 meters in length. The Iveco X-Way is also equipped with the HI-SCR. This is Iveco’s selective catalytic reduction system. As a result, regeneration does not need to be done, so that the exhaust gases do not become too hot.

‘Faster and easier’

Erik de Haas, Leeuwarden location branch manager, takes delivery of the new vehicle: “You don’t depend on outsiders. The hired company also has no feelings for the product. By keeping it under your own management, you work faster and easier. We can charge at night, so you can go in the morning. ”


The crane on the X-Way is the Effer 525 6S hydraulic loading crane, which is equipped with an extendable heavy-duty jib and an extendable articulated arm. With this, up to 12 full pallets with roofs can be carried up to a height of 26 meters. The loading cranes are delivered and assembled by Kluytmans Service BV in Tilburg. The body was built by Carrosseriefabriek Willemsen BV.


More from Aabo Trading

Aabo Trading is a Dutch wholesaler that can supply everything for roofing: not only roofing materials but also insulation materials, drainage systems, equipment, etc. This year the company is 35 years old and with 21 branches, they have a presence throughout the Netherlands. Unlike its competitors, Aabo Trading supplies everything from its own branches. Not only delivery, but also internal and external services are managed by the branch itself. In this way, the customer has one central point of contact. Each location also has its own zinc regulatory facility, meaning they can also supply specialty zinc on a short-term basis.