Dream classic cars: 50 of the most beautiful classic cars you should love

Dream classic cars: 50 of the most beautiful classic cars you should love

We know it, and you know it too: most of today’s cars are patent companions in everyday life, but in our eyes they lack character. They don’t evoke the same feelings as 50 Classics We Think You Should Love. Which of course includes the Jaguar E-Type, Land Rover or Mercedes W 116. Indeed, every year more and more cars mature into vintage cars, get H or 07 license plates and more attention from classic car lovers. You will then be spared the tiring daily service, the tiring commuter service, the journey through the salty roads in winter.

Despite dealing with dream classics every day, the AUTO BILD KLASSIK team had to agree on 50 decent cars for all issues.

BMW M5 E28

For many one of the most beautiful BMW, 80s dream car! BMW M5 (E28).

So, which car deserves heating and expensive maintenance for such a small mileage? With everyday cars, many calculate with a sharp pencil, the cost per kilometer decides the purchase. You shouldn’t even think about this classic car, because only a strong feeling for the car opens the wallet.

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50 of the most beautiful classics of all time

50 great classics to dream about

For these cars, it is always a good idea to upgrade and maintain their aging technology. They deserve to get your hands dirty in the workshop, even when the sun is shining outside. For that one sometimes gives the last shirt. And all this for one car we love – or want to love with all our might. Check out 50 great classics in the gallery – for life or just for dreaming.