Car models to collect: 40 cars that made history

Car models to collect: 40 cars that made history

A carefully selected selection of automotive milestones from across brands includes a total of 40 detailed miniature cars made of metal and begins on September 16, 2021 with sales of model number 1, the VW Bus T1. Since then, new models have appeared every week until and including June 16, 2022, available exclusively from select newsagents, where your AUTO BILD is also available. And for all those who have not yet made it to the market, there is a convenient option for ordering all models: here you will receive the complete collection in four boxes of 10 by mail.

You will receive a presentation box to save the car model for free with the model no.2 and no.18 edition.

Some of the models in the collection:

The automaker Volkswagen began selling the VW “Bulli” T1 in 1967 and produced a total of 4.8 million units until the model changed to the T2 in 1979. It was used for both commercial and personal purposes and has also gone down in history as a vehicle of the hippie movement.

Of course, the legendary “Trabbi” as a car model should not be left behind in the collector’s edition.

Trabant 601
“Trabbi” is THE classic of the GDR (German Democratic Republic). The average age of this car is at least 28 years.

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
The Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is a true classic of the 1950s roadster: synonymous with elegance and speed. More than 25,000 younger brothers 300 SL sold. At that time, two seats became the benchmark in terms of workmanship, quality, and driving pleasure. However, this is also reflected in the sales price, which, depending on the equipment, is significantly higher than the Porsche 356 to 20,000 DM.

Porsche 356 B
The Porsche 356 marked the beginning of the German premium and sports car brand and was the first production vehicle made by Porsche from 1955. With the B variant model, which came to the market from 1959, Porsche offered a comprehensively revised variant that looked even more elegant. and modernity of the A model. The foundation for Porsche’s worldwide success has been laid.

Mini Cooper
Small, economical and very British: With the Mini, the Austin Motor Company succeeded in creating the first real city highway in 1959. In 2000, the Mini was built more than five million times. Since the relaunch of the traditional British brand under the BMW Group umbrella in 2001, successors to the original Mini have come our way.

Mercedes Benz G Class
Co-developed with Austria’s Steyr-Daimler-Puch, the G-Class has been in production since 1979 and is valued worldwide as an all-terrain vehicle for civilian and military use. Its rugged character and clear angular appearance make the G-Class a true all-wheel drive icon. But the G-Class also made history as a convertible to the Popemobile – a product built especially for Pope.

An overview of all models and their release dates can be found here.

Collection box with ten car models each

You also have the option of ordering four different boxes, each with ten car models.

Apart from purchasing them individually from newsagents, our partner Emse Publishing also offers you the option of ordering four different boxes, each with ten car models. Get all 40 models of the collection right away and from the comfort of your home, and save 25 percent compared to the sum of the individual prices at the newsagents:

box number 1 with models 1 to 10 with a bid price of 34.90 euros instead of 46.90 euros.
box number 2 with models 11 to 20 with a bid price of 39.90
euros instead of 49.90 euros.
box number 3 with models 21 through 30 with a bid price of 39.90 euros instead of 49.90 euros.
box number 4 with models 31 to 40 with a bid price of 39.90 euros instead of 49.90 euros.

Secure classic box with special price

Subject to delivery and delivery rhythm in a slightly modified version. Only while supplies last. All prices shown include VAT. Attention: Not suitable for children under 3 years. All car models in the AUTO BILD classic series are independently produced, distributed and marketed by: EMSE Publishing, C/Torrijos 42, 08012 – Barcelona, ​​Spain