1960s cars: These cars shaped the decade

In the 1960s, there was still no blood alcohol limit against drinking alcohol while driving. Inability to drive was suspected in the 60s from 1.5 per thousand. A puff tube for self-control is a best seller. Just like the VW Beetle, which beat all sales records in the US, its success also waned towards the end of the decade. The 1960s marked the rise of mid-range and sports sedans such as the 02 series from BMW or the Alfa Romeo Giulia. In the middle class the Opel Rekord and Ford Granada went big, in the small class the Kadett and Dogbone Escort. The design of the NSU Prinz comes from the United States to Europe, coming from the Chevrolet Corvair.
And yet another new arrival at the port of Hamburg in 1967: the Honda S 800, the first Japanese car to be officially imported into Germany. It is 3.34 meters long, 760 kilograms light and 67 hp strong. Even more impressive than the paltry price of the 8750 D-Mark: The four cylinders spin at up to 11,000 rpm. But the Germans were skeptical, preferring to buy the Beetle and Kadett. All vehicles that in the 1960’s travel in Germany can be seen in the photo gallery – alphabetically sorted!

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