There's more money for Rares from VW

There’s more money for Rares from VW

Mainstream ends up being boring. Logically, then, those advanced classic car enthusiasts will sooner or later be attracted to exotic cars that not everyone has on their list. There is even such a rarity in Volkswagen – except that in many cases the brand name is no longer worth the price.
VW Fridolin Type 147

Fridolin is as curious as its name – and very rare. That and the VW badge guarantee added value.

VW Fridolin shot the bird: a rare one panel vans with sliding doors, which were temporarily available cheaply after retiring from the post office, but have soared to over 80,000 euros in the last six years. The Beetle convertible clad by bodybuilder Barmen Hebmüller has long been expensive. In good condition, it even costs twice as much as the exposed Karmann Beetle.

The price may also increase in the future

“In both cases, scarcity acts as a price driver,” said Marius Brune of market watcher Classic Data. “The number of extant vehicles is in the triple-digit range, and at the same time demand from collectors is relatively high.” Recently, they have also shown increased interest in models from the Brazilian subsidiary VW do Brasil that are not offered in the country, such as the SP2 sports coupe or Brasilia Shooting Brake.

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This VW rarity is increasing in value

Classic Data considers the potential to increase the value of a rare young player from the Wolfsburg manufacturer to be fundamentally promising. The VW community recently discovered their love of Golf Country, which led to price increases. However, Brune doesn’t want to commit to the Passat W8: it’s rare enough, technically unusual either – but optically maybe too mainstream for a collector’s car.